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The Majesty Of Nature The Majesty Of Nature
by Nikos Laios
2023-05-26 05:34:04
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Afternoon sunlight 
Streams though gaps 
In the blinds picking up 
Flecks of dust floating 
Slowly over the carpet.
The wind howls outside 
Roaring up the coast
And the roof timbers shake.

A loose gate next 
Door flaps wildly
And the sound 
Of a barking dog 
Echoes in the distance,
And the earth smells
Fresh and new 
And the colour 
Of the ocean is cold
And dark like wine,
And a team of horses 
In a nearby paddock crowd
Together manes flowing 
Like sails in the breeze
Nostrils flaring as they look 
Out forebodingly 
Over the sea.

The coast is quiet 
And everyone is 
Bunkered inside 
Their cottages 
In this small 
Coastal village 
Waiting out 
The gale.

Cold hands,
And silent eyes 
Survey it all
Through cold 
Windows witnessing 
The untamed power 
And majesty of nature.


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