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The King of Horror
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-09-21 10:03:08
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It just happened that in the last few days I decided to read again a book entitled Insomnia and you guessed well if you thought Stephen King is the author! It is the story of a seventy-year-old man who’s suffering from insomnia and this is not the worst part because, for an unknown reason, ordinary men all around him turn suddenly into monsters straight from hell.

Ralph, the hero of Insomnia, turns seventy in the book, while Stephen King turns today, in real life, sixty and, while on the topic of insomnia, I’m sure that Mr. King has left a lot of people sleepless with his books and film scenarios, plus a few producers and publishers counting their profits.

Regarding his books I have to admit that I’m troubled. I have always been a fan of Edgar Allan Poe but still I have the full collection of H. P. Lovecraft novels and short stories, a very dark author contemporary to Poe and I still… don’t like his writing style. I often find it twistingly sick. Well, the same applies to Stephen King. I feel somehow odiousness for his stories, still I have all his books and I have read them in hours not being able to leave the book even for a minute - that’s exactly his talent as an author.

During my study years, Stephen King published the book The Shining which was the first I read from the author and it was an example of how far human psychic can go. I have to admit that even today I consider the book as one of the scariest things I have ever read. A few years later Stanley Kubrick directed a film inspired from the book. The scenario and the story was not exactly the same as the book but it was equally scary rewarding me with a few sleepless nights.

Stephen King had a poor childhood accompanied with a traumatic experience when he witnessed the death of a friend in a train accident something imprinted in the book The Body and later the film version Stand by Me. Despite the fact that gradually he became a millionaire, a few years ago he had a bad car accident that nearly cost him his life, yet again he turned the event to his advantage and, inspired by his accident, he wrote Dreamcatcher.

The beauty of his books is the gradual build-up of the characters and the in-depth look at their actions and reasoning. Most of his novels and a lot of his short stories have become films or have inspired scenarios for films and, like Alfred Hitchcock, he has been… walking by in most of these films.

Stephen King is turning sixty and I hope he will be around for another sixty continuing to write twisted books that I will collect. Actually, I’m looking forward to see how much his passage to the third age and whatever that means, especially physically, will influence his writings and inspirations!

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Asa2007-09-21 10:10:19
I've never read a book, but the film based upon his novella 'Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption' has become one of my favourite movies of all-time.

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