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Kim Kline: The new musical force?
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2007-09-22 08:53:35
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Kim Kline: The new musical force?
By Ryan Cain

Recently, I have been working with a phenomenal, new independent female talent, Kim Kline. With a voice that’s unmatched, a distinguished song writing ability and shear star power, Kim Kline has already proven to be a musical force to be reckoned with and that she will grow to be a dominant female voice in the years to come.

I feel that it is important for such talents to have exposure not only to music fans but also to the public in general. I believe that it would be very beneficial in Kim's ability to take her music career "to the next level", so I have provided Kim’s biography, pictures, news, a live performance review and an MP3 of her crowd-pleaser “Sick Reality”.


Since the day she was born, Kim Kline knew that she was unlike the other children, which she played with on the dusty Texas schoolyard playground. Unlike the rest of the young girls that spent their afternoons playing with Barbie dolls and dreaming of Prince Charming; Kim Kline could always be found singing into a hairbrush and dreaming of one day touring the world.

Heavily influenced by her mother's love of Rock n' Roll, Kim was introduced early on to the some of the legends who would end up being her greatest influences. Kline was drawn to Rock n’ Roll as Texas wildflowers are drawn to the sun above. As with most legendary artists; those that have true substance to their music with which any listener might relate to throughout the years; she too has survived a very colorful past, which allows her to truly pour her heart and soul into her writing and music.

Through all of the trials and tribulations, which Kim Kline encountered throughout her childhood, she never lost focus of her dream of one day gracing the stage and entertaining the world.

Venturing away from the safety of the small town life that she had always known, early on Kim Kline started taking trips into Dallas where she began working with professionals so as to fine-tune her voice and lay down her first recordings. Although, it quickly became apparent to Kline that she sought more. Even though Dallas might have seemed such a fast-paced metropolis in comparison to the small, sleepy town of Graham in which she had been raised, she knew that in order to truly realize her dreams that she must take the ‘big leap.’ She was destined for Los Angeles.

It was not long before people began to take notice of this spirited newcomer. Always looking to hone her talents, Kim began working with renowned vocal technique and performance coach Steven Memel who has trained such artists as Adam Levine and members of Maroon 5, Taryn Manning of Boomkat, Brittany Murphy and Big City Rock. Kim Kline’s performances abound with an intense connection that she shares with her audience and the passion, which pours straight from her soul upon the crowd. Reminiscent of such legends as Pat Benatar in her energy and Tom Petty in his true rock n’ roll flair. After multiple successful sold out shows at the renowned El Rey Theater, Viper Room, The Roxy and The Troubadour, among many others, Kim Kline clearly demonstrates what she was put here to do. Look for Kim Kline to re-introduce the music industry to the roots of rock with a sexy, young, hip appeal that generates a genre all on its own.

As of February 16th, Kim Kline has been nominated for the 2007 LA Music Awards ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ award and the video for Kim Kline’s single “Inside” has been nominated for the ‘Music Video of the Year’ award! Past LA Music Award winners have included The Black Eyed Peas, Hoobastank, 311, Korn, No Doubt, Everclear, System of a Down, Alien Ant Farm, etc.

This year’s award ceremony shall be held on November 29, 2007 at Los Angeles’ world-famous Henry Fonda Theater and shall be nationally televised on Spike TV! The video for “Inside” was also selected to appear as a part of The Guantanamo Bay Film Festival where it was shown in Cuba for the U.S. troops on March 25th! Kim Kline shall also be featured in Billboard Magazine’s upcoming Billboard Underground Showcase in Los Angeles!

Click here to listen to an MP3 of “Sick Reality”



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Simon2007-09-22 15:02:57
Good luck to you. When are ya coming to Finland?

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