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The Eagle
by Jack Wellman
2007-09-23 09:40:33
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Benjamin Franklin once lobbied for the turkey as the national symbol for the United States. I am personally glad we went from a bird as prey to a bird of prey. Throughout American history, there seems to be some significance in that fact that the United States has as its national symbol, the Bald Eagle.

At first, the young nation soared like an eagle. Defeating the British twice, contributing heavily to World War’s I and II. Thousands died for the cause of national sovereignty for European and other nations (along their brothers of Great Britain, Australia, etc).

It can reach top speeds of up to 100 miles per hour and can fly directly into the same velocity of wind from a storm (head on). But this majestic bird is versatile. If you have ever watched an eagle soar, it is nearly motionless and almost stationary. This absolute lack of movement makes it naked to the eyes of its prey, which is a decided advantage.

This majestic bird can have a wingspan over 8 feet, weighing up to 15 pounds and live to 40 years. They primarily reside in the United States and in Palestine. In the bird species, they are the most attentive and self-sacrificing of all parents. Their expansive wingspan of over 8 feet provides shelter from heat, sun and cold. And during extreme periods of shortages of food, they have been known to tear off their own flesh to feed their young, even to the point of one of the mate's deaths. The reason? Their undeniable goal; survival of their young.

Since they are highly intelligent, it makes sense that they are the greatest teachers of their young in the species of birds. These lessons include a multitude of highly intelligent activities and they make sure the young are watching and participating. It is an amazing thing to watch. And like doves, they will remain monogamous until death. Just like their human counter parts, the mate left behind dies (from heartbreak?).

Is the Great Eagle losing its way? This “tearing of the flesh” occurred at Midway, the Battle of the Bulge, and Gettysburg, and in fact is still occurring. However, is the goal the same? Isn’t it time to let the United Nations become this policeman of the world? Soon enough, we will know if the Eagle has grown old and spent …or if it’s just getting its second wind.

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Asa2007-09-23 17:11:09
That reminds of the false urban legend that in 1795 a bill to establish German as the official language of the fledgling United States of America was defeated in Congress by a single vote.

Still, a turkey would have been great!

Jack2007-09-23 17:43:31
I agree. It is said that the turkey is close to the smartest of all birds,but it's sense of sight, hearing and smell far exceed those of of others. Ben Franklin had a good idea, he just got out voted.

Emanuel Paparella2007-09-23 22:23:52
Can you imagine us Americans eating our national symbol every thankgiving? That might not have been a bad idea either to curb one's national hubris and jingoism.

Jack2007-09-24 00:45:19
There has also been much crow to eat with a slice of humble pie as well. The latter being good for the soul and for the nation.

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