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Occupy your time
by Thanos Kalamidas
Issue 6
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The Occupation
Guy Walters
Headline Book publishing, 2004
Living in Europe and being aware of European history, we know that WWII was one of the darkest periods. The occupied countries lived their worst periods and there are tens of hundreds of books talking about this period and the occupation or the resistance, and that’s not including autobiographies and memories. I would think that nearly half of the films I have seen all my life have, as a theme, the events of WWII.

A year ago I was attracted to a strange cover, so I bought a book that became the reason for me to read another ten books just to make sure that the author had respected events and people. Amazingly I found out that everything was shockingly true to a level that it scared me. The book was called The Leader and the author was Guy Walters.

Over the last year I have suggested to all my friends around the world to find and read the book and try to carry out the same research that I did, not relaying on just what I had said. Personally, I often checked Guy Walters’ official website that carries a lot of historical information, while waiting for his next book.

The Occupation is his next book and I’ve now finished it – once again I had to do all the same again. The book was released on November 1st, 2004, and it obviously took a great deal of time until it reached me in Finland, which, I assure you, was torture, especially after reading the information on his site.

When we talk about occupation in Europe it never crosses our mind that there was a part of Britain occupied. We think of France, Holland, Greece, Sweden, anywhere except Britain. Oddly enough reading the book you admit that you have read about it before, you just never thought seriously about it. But here it is: occupation on British soil.

The Gestapo and the SS planned the worst weapon ever: nuclear bombs over London. The locals in the name of a smooth occupation go from heroism to traitors and a German officer admits that it doesn’t matter how good he is or how much he helps after the war all of them will be guilty because they are all responsible for these monsters.

Brilliant. 404 pages in 72-hours. There was no way to stop while reading it. Actually, that’s the only thing I can blame Guy Walters for, that I stopped living for 72-hours and I think there were moments while reading the book that I stopped breathing.

I don’t want to write any details of the story since I suggest you read it. The only thing I can add is what impressed me one more time was the unbelievable research the author did to write the book.
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Guy Walters2007-11-03 23:48:35
Dear Thanos

Wow! Many thanks!


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