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On the track to South France
by Anita Rieu-Sicart
2007-09-17 09:27:38
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"Var Village Voice is all about life in the south of France"

Are you retired, about to retire, or dreaming of having a home in the South of France? If you answered yes, then you might well wish to read the following article that has just appeared in the September issue of VAR VILLAGE VOICE.

A copy of the article "LET THE TRAIN TAKE THE STRAIN", which is all about the forthcoming RAILTEAM European wide rail collaboration, can be downloaded as a PDF at the end of this article or found online at the VVV website: www.varvillagevoice.com, plus an earlier article about “Weddings in Provence”.

This monthly newsletter known as the VVV caters to all the thousands of English speaking expatriates – British, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, German – now living part or whole time down in the Var.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me: anita@varvillagevoice.com

Click here to download the "Let the Train Take the Strain" PDF article.

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