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A choice of chances and wishes A choice of chances and wishes
by Thanos Kalamidas
2022-12-25 08:53:53
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Despite first and superficial impressions, Christmas editorial in a magazine like Ovi is not about religion but a chance to talk about certain things. Choices, chances, wants and wishes.

A chance to remind that this minute the theocratic rulers of Afghanistan absolutely forbid education for women, among many other things not including yet the right to breath. Merry times!

The other day I’ve read under the big letters headline: good news, only 11.500 children die a day compared to 33.000 only a few years before. OK I’m speechless. 11.500 children die and this is... good news? What about no children die? What kind of news that would have been... merry news!

And then under this headline to other news, the authoritarian social media mogul Elon Musk, who paid 44 BILLION DOLLARS to buy Twitter, has blocked from Twitter journalists who dared to criticize him.

Let’s see; how many of those 11.500 children could these 44 billion have saved? Most of these kids died from lack of basic things like water, food, medication. How many glasses of water and a plate of rice these 44 billion dollars buy? I have absolutely no idea but I suppose somewhere somebody has calculated. Still Elon Musk is a trend for wasting money that could save kids in a virtual ego embrace and self-promotion. 44 billion dollars for ...morality’s sake!

Morality, too difficult and complicated word for the Elon Musks and Donald Trumps of this world to comprehend. To grasp, even to say loud.

In North Korea famine is normality as it is the fact that food for the people becomes weapons, missiles, bombs. In Nigeria, a country with one of the biggest oil reserves in the world people die in dozens almost daily, victims of poverty and violence. In Iraq and Syria Turkey’s dictator, Erdogan, literally practices genocide on the Kurdish nation but he calls them terrorists and that gives him a pass even from the United Nations. In other words, peace on earth! Merry times and peace on earth!

I could go on and on and on without touching yet the ...environment. Another GOP, another joke. The biggest problems for the supernations and GOP’s protectors of nature this moment is who’s going to drill first the arctic when the ice melts. The irony, one of the first countries to pay the cost is Greta’s Sweden. But who cares what a school girl says.

Its al about thoughts and prayers, isn’t it? And Merry Dinners with stuffed turkey, potatoes and salads.

I mean look at the irony, we buy electric cars to preserve the environment and we load them electricity produced by either nuclear or coal energy companies. And to your information all that is called... green economy! And please stop my merry thoughts!

I feel tired, disappointed and somehow disgust and as I wrote in the beginning, today is a good chance to remind you that our future sadly depends from all of us, unfortunately including... Elon Musk.

So let’s pretend there is hope for a day,

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