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The global gates of discrimination and the silent generation The global gates of discrimination and the silent generation
by Thanos Kalamidas
2022-12-09 09:17:51
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It was random but the same time it all happened the same week. US Supreme Court seems ready to back a web designer opposed to same-sex marriage; Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a bill that expands a ban on so-called LGBTQ “propaganda” in Russia and the Indonesian parliament unanimously passed a sweeping new criminal code that criminalizes sex outside marriage. Totally unrelated, still totally related; and all in cue with the termination of the “Roe v Wade” protection of the abortions in USA.

In the meantime Ron DeSantis keep building his anti-gay walls in Florida, Poland is preparing a law that absolutely forbids abortions in violation of the EU laws, Uganda bans all LGBTQ rights groups and Qatar during the World Cup  ...bans every freedom and right for everybody with the exception of the royal family. Shockingly, in South Africa a bar forbids the entrance of black people if they are not ...accompanied by a white person!

Nonetheless, this is just the peak of the iceberg. Human rights, women rights, equality rights, are under attack in every single corner of this planet. From Colombia to Japan and from South Africa to Russia. And there is a ‘shining’ star for all that, a star that somehow paves the way for the rest; USA. The United States of America have the power to influence negative evolution even with their absence. Donald Trump’s repulsion of the US constitution and the January 6th Capital Hill attack has inspired a group of a coup plotters in Germany, SCOTUS cancellation f Roe v Wade has set the blueprint for whole nations and Ron DeSantis definitely gives an alibi to Vladimir Putin’s homophobia.

And now SCOTUS is ready to back a web designer opposed to same-sex marriage raising the billion dollar question, what’s next? A SCOTUS ready to back a web designer opposed to serve black customers? Asians? Handicaps? Lefthanders? Greeks? Jews? And where do Indonesia’s sex laws stop or how are they going to be used? Erdogan’s way might be a possibility, one more excuse to imprison more of the opposition. How far DeSantis is willing to traumatise an already traumatised democracy? How far this is going to go when the gates of discrimination are wide open?

And the next unavoidable question: do we have time to act or are we on an unstoppable course? And since history obviously has taught us nothing, are we cursed to repeat our mistakes all the way to another big war? I don’t want to sound pessimist but I’m really sorry to say that all the signs are here, all the mistakes and all the blunders re here.

I felt shock and awe this morning when reading on the news about the arrested of 22 members and supporters of a far-right terrorist organization across Germany on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government. Still, I was more in shock when I’ve read their defence argument, “the winners of WWII established puppet governments in Germany intending to control the people and rob the country’s resources.” Replace WWII with Treaty of Versailles and you can hear Hitler talking. The very same Hitler who’s responsible for a genocide and the very same Hitler a USA African-American celebrity admires, a grotesque eco of Ezra Pound.

While this new generations, the millennium and the x generation are often a reference to jokes and contemporary ‘snowflake’ stereotypes, I feel really sorry for them, they seem to have the destiny and certain characteristics of the silent generation, the pre-WWII generation. A name given to them by Times magazine in an article that said: “The most startling fact about the younger generation is its silence. With some rare exceptions, youth is nowhere near the rostrum. By comparison with the Flaming Youth of their fathers & mothers, today's younger generation is a still, small flame. It does not issue manifestoes, make speeches or carry posters. It has been called the "Silent Generation."

My only hope in the era of nuclear bombs, robotics, AI and armed drones, is that they will NOT be the last generation.

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