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The Baltic Plate
by Helsinki Rugby Club
2007-09-28 10:15:01
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Finland's biggest rugby event of the year, the Baltic Plate, will take place in Myllypuro, Helsinki, on September 29, 2007. This is the 7th annual tournament that will this year have twice the number of teams participating compared to the previous year.

Teams from Wales, Estonia, Moldova, Sweden and Finland will be participating, although possible participation from Norway will be confirmed later. The Baltic Plate rugby 10s-tournament is organized by Helsinki Rugby Club.

The day promises to be a bonanza of rugby with close to 300 people expected, and with something to entertain the whole family. All games are held in Myllypuro Sports Park; rugby action will begin on Saturday September 29th at 0900. Everyone is welcome, no entrance-fee.

Since rugby is the ultimate team sport played worldwide, Finland will finally see the passion, speed and spirit of rugby in an event that has never been seen here before.

Finnish and international companies are proud to support the 7th annual Baltic Plate. Main sponsors are AgentIT, TV5 and Behnfords, with many other partners, such as Aussie Bar, Viktor Ek, Winestate, Stockholm Diskotek and Helsinki Social Club.

Additional information and schedules from the official site:


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