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Ask a Stupid Question Day
by Jack Wellman
2007-09-28 10:15:09
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Friday, September 28th is Ask a Stupid Question Day. Ah, this must have been the day for which I was born. I know I’ve heard many teachers say, “No question is a dumb one!” only the “unasked one”. This is the question I most often ask. The most obvious to all it seems, is the least clear to me. I am lousy at Jeopardy [if only you didn’t have to phrase it as a question!].

Let the storehouse of such questions be brought to the warehouses and weighed (and found wanting I’m sure) on this day. Even if I did save up all my questions for this one day, what about Christmas and “some assembly required”? Those toll free numbers must surely be jammed this day…just like the search engines.

If you ask a stupid question, does this mean you get a stupid answer? Not necessarily, but that’s what I’ve been told. That’s question in itself and makes heavy the hand those who raise them: while all eyes upon me say “stupid”?

I know for certain that the absolute worst time to ask a question is when a meeting or class is getting ready to end. When the speaker says, “Any questions?”, you had better not be the one with it. If glares were darts, I’d be slain.

My advice is just don’t ask, unless it’s a life or death situation. If ever there were, this is the time to speak up and ask or to give an answer to one asking. But in all other cases, just don’t ask and don‘t ever offer. You can give your opinion if asked, certainly, but usually people will learn the hard way, just like I did, so as not to forget. But they didn’t ask, it’s okay. Isn’t that great?

Next time someone gives you that blank look when they ask you something, just say “I’m not sure”. That way they won’t get a stupid answer and you have no liability. It’s just less painful to say “I’m not sure” than having your answer thrown back at you or have a lawyer contact you.

Ignorance is bliss.

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Asa2007-09-28 10:18:08
I forget which star was being interviewed, but the journalist asked him: What's the dumbest question an interviewer has ever asked you?

The star thought for a minute and replied: That one.

Asa2007-09-28 10:23:18
Therefore... what's the dumbest question you have ever asked or been asked?

On a warm summer's day, the fire brigade turned up to our building. As they walked past in all their firefighting gear, I asked: Aren't you hot in all that?

I guess shorts and t-shirt wouldn't be that useful inside a burning building!

Emanuel Paparella2007-09-28 13:27:33
Sometimes, due to the ambiguity of language, a stupid question is only in the ear of the listener. For example, when somebody in Burma asks "In America do you have the same sun that shines in Burma?, that can be a stupid question or it can be a very wise question telling the listener that to call a program "American Morning" does not mean that the morning belongs to Americans, just as appropriating a whole continent does not mean that those living in Brazil are not Americans too.

Emanuel Paparella2007-09-28 13:46:07
Here are some selected “stupid/wise” questions:

--Are you telling the truth if you lie in bed?
--What do you say if you are talking to God and he sneezes?
--Can a stupid person be a smart ass?
--If Superman is so smart, why does he wear underpants over his trousers?
--If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?
--Who killed the Dead Sea?
--Where is Old Zealand?
--Why do we kill people for killing people to show that killing is wrong?
--Why is a boxing ring square?
--Why get even when you can get odd?
--Do pilots get crash courses?
--Does killing time damage eternity?
--Why is the man who invests your money a broker?
--Why is a person who drives a race car not called a racist?

Thanos2007-09-28 16:40:34
That's fun!!! A stupid question I heard lately, "where is the wire for the wireless?"

Jack2007-09-29 06:19:27
I watched a post game newsconference after a basketball game,when a reporter asked the team how they won a close game without their suspended star? Coach said "We scored more points than they did...next question"

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