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History repeats itself History repeats itself
by Thanos Kalamidas
2022-11-05 08:13:17
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Is not lost in a historic past and I really hope many remember the day Jean-Marie Le Pen threaten to take over the French republic and all French people from the left to the conservative right united under right-wing Jacques Chirac’s banners to defeat the racist, holocaust denier, prejudice homophobe leader of the French National Front.

It was a battle between good and evil and made headlines all around the world, from Australia to Chile and from South Africa to arctic Finland. Analysis after analysis for the rise of the far-right and the dangers coming with often references to Hitler and his rise into power. It was like the end of the world and Chirac’s victory was celebrated all around the world as the end of the WWII, Christmas and Easter together.

Last month, Giorgia Meloni was elected Italy’s Prime Minister. An out of the closet xenophobe and in closet racist, definitely anti-Semitic and admirer of the Italian fascist dictator and Hitler’s comrade, Benito Mussolini. And well, she made it to a lot of headlines in a lot of countries but then, after election day every single leader all around the world rushed to congratulate her hoping in a ...good cooperation. A week later, she made minister in her administration somebody known for his Nazi sympathies. The news barely reached first page.

Authoritarian Viktor Orbán rules Hungary with a Hitlerian feast while Poland falls further and further into old far-right habits. Estonia openly practices xenophobia while keeping 30% of its own population into the oppressing z-category status and Kyriakos ‘Koulis’ Mitsotakis adds Nixonian eavesdropping his opposition to his xenophobia, automatism and constant and provocative corruption in the levels that led Greece into nearly bankruptcy and memorandums less than 10 years ago.

And that’s just the European highlights while there is a war in the northeast European boarders with hidden nuclear threats, a dictator who practices pogroms against the Kurds in Syria and Iraq in the south boarders, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Netanyahu back in Israel murdering every hope for peace in the middle east. To be honest I will not be surprised if we see Donald Trump in the White House in two years.

Suddenly the east seems too far east with Kim Jong-un playing repeatedly dare games and Africa is always so far away and victim of a never ending colonialism that influences developments even with its absence.

In the meantime, we are trapped into our self-pity capsules and a self-centre survival mode, choosing to ignore what happens around us focusing on what’s next on Netflix while democracy dies and history repeats itself again and again and again!

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