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"The most beautiful parts of me"
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-09-09 09:45:03
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Click the cover to download Thanos' PDF poem (free of charge).

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Emanuel Paparella2007-09-09 15:22:48
Good poem Mr. Kalamidas! It has a nexus with that poetic tradition which begins in the West with Homer, the wisdom of Hellas. Without being overtly didactic it plays on the imagination of its reader, and with the aid of visually stunning images of nature, which the poem transforms in implied metaphors, intimates unseen inner realities, that of the poet and that of the reader, as good poems usually do.

It brought me back to Mario Ruopolo’s devastating question to Neruda in that gem of a movie “Il Postino”: are you telling me that everything in the universe is a metaphor for something else? Moreover, its very title brought me back to St. Augustine’s profound and paradoxical musings on the riddle of the self: “What is so much thine as thyself, and what is so little thine as thyself?

To go back to Star Trek, I think that all journeys are journeys in search of the self, beyond any technological and special effects trickery. Ad majorem.

Thanos2007-09-10 08:47:54
Thank you but I think I've better return to my canvas!!! :)

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