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Buster Douglas in 'Pluto's Plight'
by Artie Knapp
2007-09-08 09:41:45
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Former world heavyweight boxing champ, Buster Douglas, stars as an FBI Agent in the independently produced movie Pluto’s Plight.

When Writer and Director Artie Knapp first spoke to former world boxing champ Buster Douglas about appearing in his movie Pluto’s Plight, Buster informed him that acting was something he had been interested in for sometime. “Buster played a small part on an episode of TV show "Street Justice", which starred Carl Weathers, but he had never appeared in a movie,” said Knapp. “He was excited about the opportunity and it was great having the former champ in my movie. Buster was fun to work with and I think he has a future in acting if that’s what he wants to do.”

Pluto’s Plight is a sci-fi comedy movie about a young girl who has visions of life on Pluto. Meanwhile, actual aliens have left their Solar System, because their star is going to Supernova. The aliens want to make Earth their new home, but crash land on Pluto before they can reach their destination. Eventually the aliens make it to Earth and under the guise of offering helpful information about Earth's Ozone Layer, they try to con their way into taking over the planet.

Pluto's Plight premiered at the Arena Grand Theater in Buster's hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Since its premiere, the movie has been shown at science fiction conventions across the world.

Pluto’s Plight is now available on DVD through Indieflix.com.

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Asa2007-09-08 21:02:20
Sounds very interesting.

BTW It's still a tragedy that Pluto is no longer a planet!

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