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by Asa Butcher
2007-09-04 09:53:57
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One year ago we published an article entitled "Opinion sevenfold" that proclaimed the great news that Ovi magazine was metamorphosing from a monthly PDF into a daily edition. Today we are taking a moment to absorb the fact that a whole year has passed since that day and need to take a retrospective look at what has happened over those twelve months.

"Today we launch the daily Ovi, an encompassment of our dreams, ambitions and determination to prove all their critics wrong. The cynics, the disbelievers, the copycats, even some evil media ‘godfathers’ have all tried to undermine our project, but there is no beating a resolute Greek and unwavering Englishman." Those were the words among the opening paragraph and it is strange a year later to see that some of those are obsolete and others are still visibly present.

The 'resolute Greek and unwavering Englishman' - I don't know where these come from – are still at the helm of the S.S. Ovi navigating through the Seven Cs:

Computer problems

Contemporary was the very reason we launched Ovi into a daily edition, since the monthly issue didn't provide us with any flexibility to offer opinion on events that change on the hour. The catalyst was the 2006 Lebanon War that began on 12 July and lasted until the middle of August, which was the period we were making issue 16 of the monthly edition, yet we didn't know how to approach the subject with the conflict twisting and turning on the hour, at times.

Criticism is a word that everybody quickly adds a 'constructive' before because nobody enjoys having their passions cruelly attacked. However, we have been especially grateful to all the readers of Ovi who have taken the time to suggest improvements and additions to our pages – most of which are now in place. Nobody at Ovi is complacent about the progress of the magazine and each of us has his own list of "urgent" changes that we'd like to see done, so contact us and give us some… constructive criticism.

Computer problems, such as broken modems and power cuts across the neighbourhood are just two of the issues that have popped up over the past fortnight. Thanos is currently battling his way through Windows Vista and its refusal to accept all of his programs, while I have had a nightmare with my monitor refusing to provide a brighter resolution, which has left some of the imagery on Ovi looking over-exposed or too dark.

Comments are the very reason we launched Ovi. We are against ignorance, hate and discrimination, believing that each of us is free to express ideas and philosophy freely, so long as it doesn't offend moral decency. We wholeheartedly believe in the phrase commonly misattributed to Voltaire, "I do not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it." You only have to read some of the comments to truly see that in action and it is good to know that you were responsible for helping others share their thoughts.

Content is something we will never feel. Okay, I actually meant the other 'content', the contributions, the writing, the drawing, the photography, the poetry and everything, except the spam, that is sent to our inboxes by our established team members and all of the newcomers. Every time a new contributor expresses an interest in joining the team I have to tell them that we can't pay because we are non-profit, and every time they reply that they don't mind I am overwhelmed and touched that they believe in our project as much as we do.

Creativity is closely connected to the content. Every day the world supplies is with new events and evolving topics to discuss, but our team of contributors continues to surprise with commentaries, analyses and discussions on subjects I have never heard or take an old subject and give it a delightful twist with a dash of humour, for example. Our team are based across the globe, they are rich and poor, married and single, each with their own life experiences, which means we are never short of culture shocks in a week.

Copycats, well we discussed this again only last week and even though we are told that imitation is the highest form of flattery it does not stop us being monumentally irked by those who steal ideas. Hand-in-hand with copycats walks plagiarism and we are thankful we are yet to discover anybody foolhardy enough to try it, since the protection of our contributors work is paramount to us. I ask you all to keep your eyes open and to help us monitor the correct use of our content.

In three months we celebrate the proper birthday of Ovi as we turn three. Yes, three years of Ovi is upon the horizon, but we have a lot to do before we get there. Thanks for joining us this far, we hope you stay with us for the remainder of this lengthy voyage aboard the S.S. Ovi! Before I sign off, I'd like to quote a comment made by Lee T. after we launched the daily Ovi one year ago:

"Generally I am impressed by the new site and I look forward to the developments over the next few days, weeks and months. Anyone reading this should also be aware that if what I have described has changed it is down to the organic nature of the site and its continuing mission to evolve."

Organic… I think that sums us up nicely.


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Emanuel Paparella2007-09-04 11:11:01
All important ingredients, and the greatest of these is creativity. Congrat.

Jack2007-09-04 20:07:25
I absolutely agree Mr. Paparella. It is an on-going, creating-while-you-go mag. that is evolving before our very eyes. Nice job Ovi staff and writers! :)

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