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Desert Wind Desert Wind
by Nikos Laios
2022-06-26 08:40:53
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I walked on along
A desert highway
That cut through
Red sand and rolling
Dunes that stretched
As far as the eyes could see,
And the cold desert
Wind whipped up
The sand and
My face.

dead_sun_400The sky was
A vivid blue,
And the side
Of the highway
Was littered
With the abandoned
Wreckage of our
Modern civilisation.

Rusted hulks
Of old trucks
And cars
That dated
From the 50’s
And 60’s,
Twisted frames
Of Harley motorbikes,
And old highway
Road signs
That creaked
And flapped
In the wind.

I walked
Past an old
Petrol station
With ancient
Pumps decades
Old that had
Long fallen
Out of use.

I looked back
At the smoke
Rising out of
My car and
Turned forward
Towards the purple
Horizon and the
Giant green prickly
Cactuses standing
Like sentinels
In the desert

I walked on
With a half empty
Bottle of water,
Mouth covered
By a bandana
And scratched
Sunglasses on,
And I walked
On in hope,
That’s all
That I had
Left to cling


With a digital painting from Nikos Laios


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