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Gods & Savage Beasts Gods & Savage Beasts
by Nikos Laios
2022-06-12 08:09:44
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Plunging into the deep,
Through sea-swells,
Coral reefs and
Salty fingers,
Plunging down
Into the crystal blue
Soul of the world,
Past rusted hulks,
The carcasses of
Spanish and Portuguese
Caravels and ancient
Greek galleys.

The deep blue sea
Whispers secrets;
The thrashing tails
Of seahorses and
Poseidon’s trident
Striking the clashing rocks,
And I think of Odysseus
And the bewitching siren songs
Lulling sailors into a deep reverie,
Like those lost souls
In the land of the Lotus Eaters,
And Polyphemus
The blinded Cyclops
Echoing his rage through
The ages and I can hear him still.

I plunge into the liquid deep
Laced by crystal air bubbles
Glowing brightly in the blue,
And the green leathery fingers
Of seaweed swaying like a ballet
On the ocean floor,
And I think that I shall
Never leave the embrace
Of the deep blue sea.

Time in the deep
Is suspended,
And I felt the world
Through its swaying
Beating liquid heart.
This small blue fragile
Globe floating in the
Black nothingness of space,
The only speck of life,
A garden for Gods
And savage beasts.




With a digital painting from Nikos Laios


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