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The Only Way Ukraine Can Win the War The Only Way Ukraine Can Win the War
by Bohdan Yuri
2022-05-12 06:55:40
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One must wonder what President Zelensky must be thinking when he hears Western representatives tell him how much The West supports his efforts. And Zelesnky's reply is always the same, "Yes, thank you, but we need more supplies: arms, planes, firepower…"

The West is desperately trying to keep up with the supply logistic which have become increasingly slower and subject to supply line logistics towards the eastern front.

In reality, though, Zelensky probably would have liked to say, "But we also needed it yesterday, all of our yesterdays. Why not sooner?"

ukr0001_400_01He's right: The West should not wait any longer to finally supply Ukraine with the weapons to finally WIN this war, That's the next phase that's coming, the final phase! The West needs to do it now.

You already see the lag of deploying long range artillery to the east, at least three weeks behind.

Throughout this war, the West has spent more time discussing what they will or will not offer; displaying a complete disregard for the actual needs of the Ukrainian forces. The one clear message was, "No NATO troops on the ground!" Open invitation for Putin….

Luckily for Democracy Ukraine did not wait for formal discussions, they went straight into the fight and beat back the Russians in the Battle of Kyiv.

But now the war has taken on a newer front, one that we all knew was coming, but one that the West was once again not preparing for.

Since 2014 the Ukrainian defenses in the east had been fortified along Donbas to hold back any Russian onslaught. They are being tested now, while being desperately undermanned and under-supplied.

Russians have the might to raze every Ukrainian defensive position in Donbas if they would  choose to, depending on their bomb supplies. However, the outcome and the near final demarcation line for Russia's claim for victory will still be determined after May 9, and it will be determined by the Ukrainian Heroes' defense.

They are being tested now, though under-powered. Too little too late. A recurring theme throughout the war, unfortunately. But, as in Mariupol…Freedom or Death will rule the day.

Regrettably, even now, Biden and the West are still lagging behind. The one weapon that Ukraine could have used from early on and even more so right now is: accurate long range cruise and ballistic missiles. This is the only way that Ukraine can actually WIN this war.

The sooner the West realizes that fact the sooner this war can end. Otherwise Russia will drag this war into 2023 with constant missile strikes and bombings, razing, cities and towns. That's the Russian future for the rest of Ukraine.

Russia will claim their victory on May 9th with the least of their goals: a land bridge to Crimea  and Donbas. Capturing Odesa and beyond will depend on their struggles in Donbas.  But it's perhaps a bridge too far, for now.

Nevertheless. Russia will claim total victory while handing out referendums to proclaim "NovaRussia". And Putin's grand delusion will continue if he thinks that Ukraine will idly stand by while HE carves out Ukraine.

No, not going to happen. Fueled by the genocidal horrors of Russian butchery, Ukraine will not accept a frozen conflict. They will want to win back their homeland.

And here, the West can help to make that a possibility but it will take the Courage of Wisdom on the their part to supply the arms necessary for victory and not be tempted and deterred by Putin's threats. Any hesitation or debate and the war will be lost.

Zelensky was correct when he stated that if the West had acted with more Courage and Wisdom, and supplied more arms early on, the war would have ended.

But, here we are now, so it's time for the West to finally atone for their grave mistakes. This is a war of Attrition how long does the West think that Ukraine can hold out before they start losing the majority of their remaining forces?

This is the time to finally take the fight to the enemy.

Ukraine has already disproved Putin's threat of nuclear force. He's still concerned about being labeled in history as "The One" who used the bomb for his own pleasure. Historical narcissists want to leave a worthy brand even if delusional.

So, rather than defend against the invading Russian armies, destroy them at their home bases.

I keep hearing the need and movement of long range artillery as most necessary. But, one wonders why the West is not even thinking about supplying Ukraine with accurate long range cruise and ballistic missiles. The ones with enough range to reach all of the military and supply bases in Donbas and Crimea. Why not give the Ukrainians the stuff to not only defend their lands but to also drive the Russians out of Ukraine.

If the bases are uninhabitable then where would they go…home? And if need be, to afford total victory, bomb the bases across the border into Russia. Let Russia be the ones to suddenly have to seek shelter from missile attacks. Destroy Donbas' and Crimea's airfields and suddenly there's at least a partial sudden no-fly zone.

Ukraine is ready to accept the blame for potential nuclear strikes against them in their fight or Freedom. What Price REAL Glory?

Ukraine finally broke free from Communist Russian rule and they never want to go back. When they speak of "Freedom or Death" Ukrainians are proving it. That is the price they afford for Freedom. Mariupol is your proof of Strength and Courage, it fuels their Fight for Freedom.

So while the West still debates the issues of fear, send Ukraine those missiles now so they can be used to fend off the barrages on the eastern front.

You saw what two cruise missiles did to cruiser Moskva. Fifty more land to sea cruise missiles might even eliminate the entire Russian naval blockade.

In "The Putin Prophecy" I'd written that Putin will eventually be assassinated. It may even happen during his surgery while on the operating table but I'd like to see it happen after he loses this war not before. So, the sooner those missiles arrive the better…

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