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Who's the property?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-08-29 10:42:14
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Why Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki became angry with Hillary and Carl Levin is a big mystery to me; he even went as far to say that the Democratic Senators were acting as if Iraq was their property. I’m going to be a bit cynical, but… yes, especially him, he is American property in many senses.

But let's return to Senators Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin. Apparently they didn’t say anything different to what George W. Bush has said a few weeks before when emphasizing the Iraqi government’s failure – he was also joined by the French president who made similar comments and be sure that the list of critics is bigger and doesn’t stop with those.

He is right, of course, in the sense that the best people to criticize his work are the citizens of Iraq and hopefully they will have the chance to express their views in the next election, but that doesn’t mean that others cannot see his failure or they cannot see what’s going on - after all, this is part of the job description. Furthermore, with thousands of American soldiers based in Iraq and being the guaranteed power for any kind of stability, they are entitled to know what’s going on and express their opinion.

But how bad was what Hillary Clinton said? She expressed her worries for the situation and her thoughts on a government that cannot deal with the security problems. Images of dead innocent Iraqis are broadcast around the world every day, so what has the Iraqi government done to change that except wait for the American allies to do the job?

Let's take it one step further: how come the same Senators were right to criticize Saddam and, in the end, vote for an invasion of Iraq, with all that followed, and now have no right to criticize a democratic government? Doesn’t Mr. Nouri Maliki know that criticism is part of democracy and you must learn to live with it?

Mr. Nouri Maliki has also made another mistake over the last few months by doing all the favors to his American allies and going much further than he would or should have done. Look at what is happening in the north side of the country. The ones who stood from the beginning next to the Americans, giving literally earth and water, were the Kurds, while even the Americans places in the area the Turks were turning their back... but, of course, who counts a group of poor Kurds?

Obviously all the promises are forgotten and now the Iraqi Prime Minister negotiates with the Turks about the Kurdish rebels of PKK giving Turkey the opportunity to put a leg, a hand and then a second leg inside Iraq, especially in an area controlled by the Kurds that is very rich in oil - the key factor!

With a fifth of his country friendly towards Iran he is ready to call the Iranians terrorists and with the majority of the population demanding some kind of stability he is ready to blame everybody for the situation, except himself. Does this remind you of something? Does this remind you of George W. Bush’s attitude?

Mr. Maliki was definitely right in his comments concerning what Senator Hillary Clinton said. Iraq is definitely not their property and apparently Mr. Maliki wishes it would never be because at the moment Iraq is Mr. Bush’s property and the dog should never bite the hand that feeds him!

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Emanuel Paparella2007-08-29 12:22:41
Obviously there is a misunderstanding of what democracy is all about on both sides of the fence. In our relativistic times democracy no longer has a univocal universal meaning: it is prepared and delivered on demand like pizza; so people who are supposed to be in charge of the ship of state, to use a Platonic allusion, are highly confused. But there is one thing that is still clear because if it isn't, the game is up: to force people to accept democracy when they do not want it is not a very democratic operation and is in fact a contradiction in terms and a failure in logic, even in our relativistic times.

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