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The Spices of Life The Spices of Life
by Christos Mouzeviris
2022-05-07 07:17:37
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Life is what you make of it.
You mould it with your hands.
Some dough you get from family,
But to thrive and live happily,
Use varied spices to enhance your future plans.
If love is what you are looking for,
Put nutmeg for sensuality or cinnamon as warmth,
For friendships the latter is also advisable,
A pinch of it is gold.
You’ll need some passion and excitement,
So pepper will work just fine.
Remember the simple pleasures to appreciate,
Thus oregano for joy and modesty you add.
Curry goes for the joys of travelling,
Those different cultures’ riches it’s unravelling.
Try it to open your mind; it’ll change your life.
The necessary wisdom you get from sage,
Saffron for its hard work, nobility and wealth,
Use both of them as you age.
Add rosemary for your psyche’s freedom and memory,
It’s important to love and accept yourself.
Don’t be your worst enemy, use kindness as help.
Life would be nothing without inspiration,
That divine art and creativity inclination.
So include allspice for its potent conception.
It is your life child, a time to create,
Make your very own destiny’s recipe.
Too many spices out there,
Use your imagination and be brave.



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