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Must be the distance Must be the distance
by Thanos Kalamidas
2022-04-29 06:41:50
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It must be the distance; otherwise there is no other explanation.

Washington DC to Sana'a, Yemen’s capital, in a straight line on any map is something over 7,100 miles whilst the distance between Washington DC and Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi Kurds, is over 6,000 miles. The distance between Washington DC and occupied Palestine must be a bit over the distance between Earth and Alpha Centaury.

Similar situations apply for most of the European -or in general, western and ‘democratic’ states in the world. I mean Berlin to Sana'a is almost 6,500 miles while London to Erbil is over 3,000 miles and let’s not mention most of the earth nations from Palestine; still Earth and Alpha Century.

yem0001_400_01Compare now that with Kiev. London to Kiev 1,500 miles, Paris to Kiev 2,300 miles and Washington DC to Kiev 4,800 miles. What does this say? Humanity's empathy and support towards a slaughtered nation – to the limits of genocide - from a much stronger and arm-superior nation, depends on... distance.

While Ukraine suffers the imperialistic attack of Russia, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, constantly accuses Russia for genocide and the Russian president himself, the mighty Vladimir Putin, for war crimes, Turkey literally practices genocide against the Kurdish people slaughtering hundreds and hundreds of innocent women and children in Iraq bombings and Saudi Arabia commits war crimes in Yemen.But...

But I suppose miles in humanity’s empathy count.

While you see photos –often with horrible details- with the Ukrainian innocent dead, Ukrainian bombed hospitals and Ukrainian crying mothers, you don’t see anything from the literally dying nations of Yemen or Palestine and absolutely nothing from an unveiling Kurdish genocide in Iraq. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You won’t hear their leaders, you won’t hear cries for help, you won’t hear the mourning for the dead children. They are all covered from ...Joe Biden’s and Ursula von der Leyen's calls against the Russian ...oligarchs.

And while nations hurry to host Ukrainian refuges even in their own houses, the very same nations are ready to exile as far away possible from their lives Yemeni, Palestinian, Afghani, Kurdish, Myanmar, Rohingya refugees lately thinking to …Rwanda. A nation that barely recovers from its own genocide, civil war and criminal atrocities. Oh, wait. They are going to …pay Rwanda for their services. Empathy with bribes on top of distance.

So, it’s all about distance and you can count human empathy in miles and kilometers.

For example UK’s empathy and philanthropy goes maximum 3,000 miles and USA’s just under 5,000 miles. Anything beyond that becomes …not my problem.
Not my problem includes ...dead kids, raped mothers, slaughtered fathers.

Nothing to do with the fact that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a NATO ally and that Mohammed bin Salman is a friend, a weapons consumer and …well an oil producer. And check the irony; they buy weapons from us, from NATO, from all the western democracies and they use the very same guns to ...slaughter nations, children and mothers.

But hey, they do it beyond the distance of our …interests. Aren’t they?

Another odd fact, both Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Mohammed bin Salman use exactly the same excuses with Vladimir Putin's excuses to attack and slaughter the Kurds in Iraq and innocents in Yemen respectfully. Only instead of the Putin 'nazis' they found …terrorists. Another word that works well with our western conscious and distance selective empathy.

In the meantime and since 2011, Yemen counts 380,000 dead, most of them women and Children. Kurds count over 200,000 dead since 1978 mainly from Turkey, the majority of them women and children. Palestine, number unknown the 21st century, definitely over 8,000 most of them women and children. But as I wrote earlier the distance of the earth nations from Palestine is further than the distance between earth and alpha century.

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