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Why Has No One Stopped the Carnage in Ukraine! Why Has No One Stopped the Carnage in Ukraine!
by Bohdan Yuri
2022-04-18 08:19:20
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The Putin Invasion War is now well into its second month and the one question that everyone is still avoiding and will forever haunt us in the future annals of today's history is:

"Why has No One Stopped the Carnage!"

I mean actually stop Putin's Russian army from Razing, Pillaging, Raping, Torturing, Butchering all of Ukraine's cities and citizens. WHY NOT?

carna01_400Surely, we are in the throes of the 21st century, the stepping stone to uncovering the mysteries of the Universe and yet we still Maim, Murder, and Destroy the Soul of a Nation for the sport of it.

Following Hitler's Nazi playbook into the modern age, Russia will remain in the dark ages of moral civility. Putin's lust for power and glory will not be derailed by mere words or financial hardships. And he has full use of his greatest weapon: FEAR.

Yes, Fear is what is stopping the West from stepping in and stopping this Carnage. NATO can fly out today and blast away the remaining Russian forces, but they won't. Because the Fear of an escalation and nuclear retaliation is stopping NATO.

So, instead of threatening back they allow Putin to use his conventional weapons to serve up the same kind of destruction that a nuclear tactical weapon would display in Mariupol.…razing the city.

But to realize the absurdity of this kind of rational for allowing the carnage is to make us all guilty. All citizens of democracy should demand action by their leaders to stop it, but they don't.

Through the years, we have allowed this evil maniacal Antichrist dictator cloaked in Russia Orthodoxy to roam at will, hoping that someone else would be the one to stand against such evil. Instead, the 2014 annexations paved his way to conquer more.

Instead of demanding that Putin end his war the West bragged that they will not send troops into Ukraine. That one statement lacked all three of life's most precious gifts. Strength Courage and Wisdom. (Fortunately, someone has…..shown us the way.)

Strength: The United States and NATO have enough firepower to stop Putin's army.

Courage: The United States and NATO are Afraid of starting World War 3.

Wisdom: World War 3 is already in play.

All of the West's excuses can be summed up by one word, "Bullshit!"

So, let's debate:

Has anyone noticed that North Korea has already voiced its "nuclear response deterrent" if attacked. Soon the rest of the nuclear nations will also follow suit for whichever national cause.

And here's the real truth, what's the difference if Russia uses nuclear or conventional weapons to raze Mariupol. Nuclear bombs would perhaps be more merciful --- Instant vaporization as  opposed to rape, torture, and butchery.

No, the true Courage comes from the Wisdom of knowing what is right and what is wrong, and defending its Truth and Freedom. That is the Full Strength of Courage and Wisdom.

New Hampshire's state motto is "Live Free or Die!" Ukrainians are living it in real life….for all of the world to be Free... They know the difference and the value of sacrifice.

In the face of overwhelming odds and yes even the threat of nuclear weapons the Ukrainians had displayed the true worth of Courage early on with one simple phrase when they replied, "Russian Warship, go F**k Yourself!"

Real Courage defends Truth and Justice, as every life is sacred and should be allowed God's gift of Freedom. What is happening in Ukraine is beyond horror it is truly genocidal, from the unborn to the eldest. Defiantly and Honorably, Ukrainians' Courage is blind to Fear and their Wisdom easily defines right and wrong.

And yet, the biggest sin throughout it all is the lack of Wisdom on the part of the West. This could have and should have been stopped in the beginning.

When does it finally sink in that we have allowed such horrors to happen….and still continue to happen. How will history mark this period, tragically, I fear.

How could it not. We stood around watching it all evolve into butchery and horror. Hoping that the Ukrainians would fight our war for us.

Now ask yourselves: Is it right to stand back and watch what is happening in Ukraine and not step in….? If that is all right then we are living in an alternate universe with alternate values.

And yet, throughout all these weeks not once did the West ever demand that Putin stop this war. Biden broadcast the coming invasion but never threatened to stop it. How else should Putin have interpreted it?

Isn't it about time for Biden and the West to go nuclear, figuratively, (but literally if necessary)…..and put an end to this horror?

The most horrific things are happening right in front of us. Witnesses, videos anything one would need to see that this is a genocide. News items from Russia espousing the elimination of all Ukraine and Ukrainians....

I can list the numerous instances of the indignities suffered by those tortured and abused for sport. But I don't need to.

Yes, we've all seen them but it's still, not enough to stop the Carnage. So what will it take to stop this Horrific Shame of the New Millennium?

It comes down to one thing: "Live Free or Die" for all the world to be…

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