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Finland joining NATO, EU's failure Finland joining NATO, EU's failure
by Thanos Kalamidas
2022-04-21 06:50:13
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Ironically, it took a Russian act to dismiss over eight decades of Finlandization towards Russia and turn the Finnish public and the majority of the Finnish political spectrum into fully supporting a NATO membership, even though that might means that they are next in Putin’s list.

And while Finland’s turn is absolutely understandable what this says about the European Union? It says with huge letters –and I really hope they can read it in Brussels, FAILURE!

The Kiev agreement (Agreement on settlement of political crisis in Ukraine) that was signed on 21 February 2014 by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was really a paraphrase of a much older agreement between Finland and the then mighty USSR, the Finno-Soviet Treaty of 1948. That agreement was the basis for all Finno–Soviet relations and peace in the region, from 1948 to 1992.

nat0001_400While under the treaty, the Soviets sought to deter Western or Allied Powers from attacking the Soviet Union through Finnish territory it also kept Finland officially distant from European and Scandinavian defence unions and NATO in particular. 1992 seismic changes in the Soviet Union also brought the end of that treaty and eventually the Finnish application for an EU full membership.

The Finnish application for a full EU membership was somehow a check-mate move from Finland towards Russia. While joining a mainly continental economic union with ties that extended to military cooperation, dreams for a united confederation and a lot of members not only members of NATO but founding members of the North-Atlantic treaty, all that without provoking Russia by not violating the letter of the Finno-Soviet Treaty that had expired. You have to admit that this was a diplomatic check-mate move.

On top of that, Russia drowning in her internal problems, social and economic, just like it happened back in 1917, didn’t have the time or the will to deal with that (just like Lenin didn’t have the time and the will to deal with a Finnish independence in the middle of his fight with the Tsarist establishment) so, they let it slide without any reaction. As a result Finland became full EU member in January 1995.

Finland put all the bets in EU and the same applied for the other Scandinavian neutral state with Russian problem, Sweden, who joined EU as a full member also in 1995. Finland and Sweden had a lot of expectancies from EU beyond economic stability, open market for their exports and imports and social acceptance. Above all they hoped that they joined a defence alliance, strong enough to protect them in case Russia decided to start again an expanding game; a game that both countries had lived and fought for centuries.

Just like Cyprus later, had hoped that EU and its members’ military mighty, would be enough to keep Russia – and especially the then fast ascending nationalist Vladimir Putin – away and as long Russia was too busy with her interior problems everything was fine. It was fine even during Obama or Trump era, but then Ukraine found herself in the eye of Trump’s ethic scandals and the fall of the unmoral Trump administration while brought democratic Biden, brought Zelenskiy’s candidacy for a NATO membership and Putin’s attack to Ukraine.

Again, it all started with EU’s failure. In Ukraine’s case, EU was used by NATO as a Trojan horse. NATO thought, let’s pull a Finland and Sweden trick and after Ukraine is established as an EU member we can add them in NATO and immediately install some nuclear nukes at Vladimir’s front door. And while timing played an essential role in the non-Russian-reaction for the Finnish and Swedish EU membership it did play a huge role when it came to Ukraine’s application. First of all Russia is not the state under demolition that was back in 1990s and secondly EU member states were not ready to accept for a member a state that violated the worse possible way all its criteria (political, juridical, police and army corruption, issue with freedom of press and opposition, racism and prejudice among others) and the same time provoke a huge economic and especially energy partner, like Russia has been for EU the last three decades.

So EU turned to the source of all the manoeuvres and intrigues, NATO, with Zelenskiy demanding the fulfilment of all the promises given in secret and under the table and the rest of the story still unveils in front of our eyes and the television screens full of horror scenes, truths and lies.

But the point here is that while a war continues in Europe’s boarders with hundreds dead and thousands refugees, EU has shown inability to do anything. Even to stand united. Furthermore has left countries like Finland and Sweden with a lot of doubt about tomorrow. What will happen if Putin feels that after Ukraine he needs to secure furthermore his surroundings, see the two Scandinavian states as an optional threat?

There is always the Nordic Defence Cooperation (Nordefco), a defence union between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden but obviously not enough, what can they do in front a nuclear power? So EU was the next best hope but now EU shows signs of failure to establish any kind of united defence without …NATO.

So, now Sweden and Finland will apply for a full NATO membership hoping that their EU partners will show the decency to help a fast procedure and acceptance, before Putin finish with Ukraine and start looking further west.

In the meantime the Ukrainian crisis has proven that EU is not the European states’ confederation, the European founding fathers were hoping for, but a European Economic Community maturing with a lot of illusions about an utopian united Europe but turning into a delusional dystopian continent full of fear, prejudice and no unity however.

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