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IESAF's Helsinki BBQ
by Richard Berman
2007-08-26 10:18:30
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A 'Farewell to Summer' BBQ/Picnic is to be held today (26th August 2007) in Sibelius Park (between Merikannontie and Mechelininkatu), Helsinki. It is organised by the International English Speakers' Association of Finland and is a chance for all English-speaking foreigners living in the Helsinki region to get together and share some laughs.

We will meet by the monument at 1200 and be there all afternoon!

Bring everyone you know: the wife, kids, friends and the mother-in-law.

Please bring your own food and drinks. We will try to plan some games, such as egg and spoon race, sack race, three-legged race.

It will be a great day out for all.

Click here for the route from Central Railway Station to Sibelius Park.

Click here for the IESAF Forum Summer BBQ thread.

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