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Putin's Endgame in Ukraine Putin's Endgame in Ukraine
by Bohdan Yuri
2022-04-11 07:02:22
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On March 9, two Russian soldiers who had earlier killed the family's dog while walking by Natalya's  home near Shevchenko, outside Kyiv, had returned to kill her husband.

Natalya said she told her 4-year-old son to hide in the boiler room where they had been sheltering.

When she saw her dead husband on the ground by the gate. ….The younger soldier then put a gun to her head and said: "I shot your husband because he's a Nazi."

urain0001_400"He said 'you'd better shut up or I'll get your child and show him his mother's brains spread around the house,'" The Times reported.

"He told me to take my clothes off. Then they both raped me one after the other. They didn't care that my son was in the boiler room crying. They told me to go shut him up and come back. All the time they held the gun by my head and taunted me, saying 'how do you think she sucks it? Shall we kill her or keep her alive?'"

Not a pleasant read but one that is necessary if one is to understand the final endgame in Ukraine. There is only one option.

Natalya's story is the first rape case to be officially investigated…many more will follow along with the countless other slaughters and butchery inflicted on innocent Ukrainians.

If one is to be Ukrainian and watch as his country is being Raped, Pillaged, Razed and swept clean of any and all Ukrainians then there is only one true end to this conflict.

New Hampshire says it best in their state motto: "Live Free or Die!"

For the sake of All Liberty….Ukraine is defending that cause in reality…. with their lives, and doing it alone.

The Western democracies knew what was about to happen yet they repeated the flaws of yesteryears with ratcheted Fears from the Past.

If it wasn't for Putin's greatest weapon he would've been retreating back to Moscow by now with his tail tucked up his butt. It's the Fear of Fear that has kept his invasion going.

The West even projects it outwardly: So for the fear of starting World War 3 the West will stand back as more rapes and destruction abounds. It's easy to find excuses to not do the right thing but harder to hold the moral high ground. So instead, we have:

Putin's  Plan A: His planned parade into Kyiv was a delusional fiasco…Innocent Lives Lost!

 Putin's Plan B: Pretend we’re winning as we retreat, regroup, and reconsider….. all the time  continue erasing all Ukrainians and razing all lands throughout, but primarily the places planned to occupy: the southern coast and whatever terrain is optimal  for defense and boundary for the new sovereignty…Innocent Lives Lost!

Putin's Plan C: Secure plans on holding the coastline, a good portion of eastern Ukraine and then realize that it's near impossible because…..

…..another delusional misconception; unless Biden and the West continue to try to keep their hands off the game plan of total support.

We've already witnessed how Putin is winning the FEAR game. He's already tested Biden and the West.

Result: The West bragged about no troops on the ground, even worse, no planes, or anything more substantial. Putin is, still, the one who sets the rules.

And yet we have all witnessed how a nation filled with brave souls, unwilling to surrender the freedom of their homeland, will defend it too the end. This kind of courage is boundless and has only one direction, forward.

So, I give this warning to Biden and the West to prepare for Ukraine's Plan A once the actual fighting nears a freeze as Putin assumes it will.

That will be the true test of the Defense of Democracy. Ukraine will want to keep fighting until they remove all of Putin's Nazis from ALL of Ukraine.

So, at this point the Ukrainian government or whatever is still functioning, will be asking for more military assistance from the West to win back their homeland.

Their first request will probably be to start supplying them with more offensive weapons: fighter/bomber planes and accurate ballistic and cruise missiles, including land to sea that can reach eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Or even destroy some of the military bases in the Russian mainland, (another postage stamp).

Zelensky's army will want to take it to Putin's invaders and push them out. It has become a Mortal Mission and here's why:

Now remember that first scene described in this article….The Rape.

Hearing about it anywhere in the world may not mean as much as to those whose family had lived through such ordeals. All one has to ask, what if that was my daughter, my wife, my mother…and then realize that it was?

They  will Never Forget and they will demand Justice, even if it's fueled by vengeance.  

Yes. Putin has created a century's worth of Ukrainian ill will towards all things Russian.

You see, there's not a one true Ukrainian who will not rest until all of Ukraine is restored and that will be the true test for Biden and the West. They may not want to fight on Ukrainian soil but Ukrainians know of no other worthy cause.

How Brave will the West be then…?

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