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On the Road to Ukraine On the Road to Ukraine
by Bohdan Yuri
2022-03-29 05:47:01
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Everybody, especially Vladimir Putin, believed that Ukraine would fall with bent knees to their northern "brethren". Surprise!

Centuries of Ukrainian history, from the first Vikings in Kyiv to the most recent test in 2014; Ukrainians have tempered the mettle of this brave land.

That heroic fighting nationalistic spirit is now open for the world to witness, from top to bottom, Men, women, and children, all ages; fight for what is RIGHT --- FREEDOM!

uk00001_400The Ukrainian Kozaks, in 14th-16th century legend, defended the Holy Mother Church (Ukraine) against all invaders:  The Golden Horde from the east, (leaving behind the Tatars to the south) along with Turkey.

And from the west the Polish nobility demanded serfdom, but it was always from the north where jealous off springs spawned an evil branch in Moscow that sought to always control the jewel of the region --- Ukraine.

That insatiable lust made Russia Ukraine's greatest enemy.

Ukraine's biggest mistake during the initial USSR break up was not in removing the nukes. No, the mistake was to allow Russia to continue leasing the Crimean naval base, basically allowing them to control the whole of Crimea and with its Russian speaking naval family residents  --- an unspoken annexation. Ripe for full annexation in 2014.

In 1939, the world watched as Poland was overrun by Germany. This war is starting the same way. Ukraine being Poland.

Next in line would be Georgia and Moldova, for total control. Maybe a year break to regroup and here we are at the border of Estonia. Seems like a plan to me if unchecked.

As in 1939, once the annexations were over  --- the real war began and it took the allies a month to realize their mistakes. And Dunkirk, a near disaster, fortunately showed that same iron mettle in the English people, who sailed every boat to the rescue under enemy fire. Allowing those saved men to help defeat the Nazis.

Yes, Ukraine is a country full of heroes, from their leaders to their toddlers saying goodbye to their Dads as they return to the front ---  defying all odds. One wonders how many will be able to reunite.

And yet the apathy of commitment is still swaying its breath as no other country will stand and  fight alongside Ukraine. Thus allowing the Russian meat grinding to keep on eliminating the brave souls of an honorable valiant nation. Defending freedom for the rest of the world as they watch their hometowns being razed by butchers. Or is that thought escaping everyone here, in the West?

Incredibly, now that Ukraine has exposed the Russian military to be less than the feared image projected by Russian propaganda, perhaps it's time to take apart the pseudo Russian empire as well, and from all sides.

Might this be the time, for Moldova and Georgia to start taking back their homeland? They have just as much history from which to draw their courage to deem their country's total freedom.

Moldova and Georgia, two democracies who've been infiltrated by the Russian empire virus. They had Russian speaking citizens in these regions, and it was Russia's excuse back then. However, the Ukraine invasion burst that bubble.

From this day onward no Russian should ever be allowed to used the excuse that they have invaded another country in order to protect its Russia speakers. Ukraine destroyed that myth, that alibi, that excuse….that lie.

Most of northern Ukraine was inhabited by Russian speakers and still they fought against the invading Russians because Russian soldiers were killing Russian speaking citizens who lived in Ukraine. They were the true myth busters.

We are on the threshold of greatness or facileness.

But it takes courage to set aside the fear that your enemy is thrashing at you in desperation, only to expose his own fear in doing so. Whether the nuclear threat is a bluff or not is irrelevant. Scare you once, he'll scare you twice until you kneel.

With the Russian military stressed throughout, now might be the time for those two nations to draw upon the courage of Ukraine and its citizens in fighting for their homeland and demand that Russian troops be pushed out of Georgia and Moldova sovereignties as well.  And with a similar support that is abounding Ukraine from the West, also support their battle for freedom from dictatorship, and in this case also against Russia.

Now, more than ever would be the time as the Russian bear is stretched to its limits militarily and socially they're already starting to feel the infectious will to speak freely spread slowly, but building momentum for freedom throughout Russia. In 1989 it was to tear down the Iron Curtain, here in 2022, it's to break the stranglehold of Russia and its dictator.

The West is making a mistake and Putin is nudging you into it. This is not a NATO vs. Russia conflict. This is a Democracy vs. Dictatorship conflict. Step outside the confines of that NATO box, and defend what's RIGHT!  Children being killed by the Russians, what more does the West need.

Can we just imagine a free and open society if Russia rids itself of its Putin kleptocracy.  I imagine that quite a few world conflicts might suddenly end without Russian funding or lust, Wagner's last opera. It would turn Russia into a true democracy and all of Europe would no longer have to think of war.

Yeah I know, a pipe dream. But, is it so impossible to achieve?

Power, Hate, and Greed command through Fear…..Is the world afraid to do battle with these impostors?  

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