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Here's the Real Deal, Joe:... Here's the Real Deal, Joe:...
by Bohdan Yuri
2022-03-22 07:58:49
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Here’s the Real Deal Joe:

In 2014 you were Vice President and you watched as President Barack Obama and the Western Democracies did nothing to stop Putin's last excursion into Ukraine. Instead you and the West allowed Putin to annex Crimea and parts of Donbas. The U.S. then forgot about Ukraine.

If it weren't for the brave Ukrainian soldiers who'd stopped Putin's advance further west into Ukraine in 2014, he would have occupied all of Ukraine under Obama's watch. Re-read the "Battle of Donetsk Airport" and you can see the forerunner of the present day Ukrainian spirit.

bid0001_400_02So instead, Joe, Putin will now occupy all of Ukraine under your watch. Mission accomplished. And why is that happening….? Admit it, Joe!

Because, you're letting Putin do it.

Neither you nor the other Western Democracies want to "chance" the start of World War 3….The Fear of It! It's Putin's greatest weapon.

This is not a NATO vs. Russia war. It's a Democracy vs. Dictatorship war for control over Europe, Joe.

Next will be Moldova and Georgia, both not NATO countries. Makes them easy pickings, another genocide? Stop it now before it consumes all of humanity's well being.

In 2014 the stress of commitment was more or less based on political obstacles and party majorities that mooted any military support. Let's call it the Fear of Polls.

However, in 2022, there is the need for a stronger commitment that is based solely on moral values. ----- The prevention of a genocide!

These are circumstances under which no excuse is needed to act accordingly. Who will count the bodies before the last Ukrainian is finally killed? And will it be a grandmother, wife, another child, ….. an unborn. Who is carrying that mark?

Yes Joe, history will mark your term as being tested and having bowed down to FEAR so far.  Tell the children that are being butchered in Ukraine that sanctions will be enough to stop the carnage.

And unfortunately, therein lies the problem: Nobody Wants To Stop the Carnage!

By telling Putin you will NOT do anything in and above Ukraine, tells Putin: Open Hunting and Razing  Season…

You know the phrase, Joe. It's FDR's moment: "The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear itself!"

What will your historical phrase be: "We will not send troops into Ukraine." or "We will not start World War 3."

I hate to break it to you Joe, but World War 3 has already started. Check your history books, it's just like all the ones before…

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