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Saving Ukraine: The Annexations are Over... This is Poland --- 1939! Saving Ukraine: The Annexations are Over... This is Poland --- 1939!
by Bohdan Yuri
2022-03-16 07:18:45
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When we'll look back at the history, we will be ashamed at what the West did not do --- WE did not STOP the War.

NATO and the West have got it all wrong in Europe. This is not a NATO vs. Russia conflict; it's a Democracy vs. Dictatorship fight for Europe.

Putin's already sliced sections off Moldova and Georgia, they're next for a full scale invasion. And they're not a part of NATO, so easy pickings.

pol00001_400One man once scared all of Europe into submission and you're allowing that same type of Nazi to take us into another world war. Yes, we are in one now…

The Annexations are Over…This is  a replay of Poland --- 1939!

The still uncounted deaths and destruction that will destroy Ukraine can be stopped, but it will take more than the nothing, or the not enough, that is present.

The West needs to do something Brave!

Recall the final battle stand scene in the movie, "Saving Private Ryan".

Tom Hanks' character, propped up against the stone wall of the bridge; wounded fatally, fires his .45 at the Nazi tank crossing over. Bullets pinging off the metal monster's skin.

He then fires his last shot in defense of his comrades and the cause, and just as all hope seems lost for his remaining squad the Nazi tank explodes as if the power of a single bullet, from a single soldier, gave them time, hope, for a tank buster missile to be fired from an American fighter plane….. it's a moment that seems right, justified.

Well, that squad of soldiers left to defend a bridge in that movie are now being played out in real life by every Ukrainian soldier throughout Ukraine…..until the last shot.

Only they aren't lucky enough to have a justifiable ending to the New Nazis who are attacking his fellow soldiers, and families  in Ukraine. Unfortunately, this isn't a Hollywood movie ….But it could be, and perhaps it should be!.

I understand. No one wants to take a chance on starting a nuclear war. Putin knows that, it's his most important weapon in this invasion war. THE FEAR!

In 1939, it was the fear of just ANY war. Yes, it is different now. Mass destruction is on the table now; but it will always be so, and by any nation. We can't live in such constant fear. Asteroids or bombs, so far, nothing in life is guaranteed except your eventual death….sometimes we have a choice to die for protecting a simple principle staple of humanity….In this case --- Freedom!

If Putin should next decide to consolidate Moldova and Georgia into his new empire will you allow Russia to walked into Georgia and Moldavia and not do anything because they are not a part of NATO? And will the West acquiesce when Putin next threatens to move into Estonia, will you then step aside because he might use a nuclear threat…?

Or, would Estonia finally be that,  "…bridge too far"?

Even more tragic, to sit on the sidelines and watch as lives, the soul of a heroic country are brutally butchered for the sake of one man's ego.

At what point the does the West tell him no more. We are not fighting Russians we are fighting Putin and he controls everything,

But ask yourselves what will he actually do…..what can he afford to do?

You say launch a nuclear weapon, do you actually think he will? You don’t know…. but he has you convinced that he will. But does he actually want to take the chance of committing suicide…ala Adolf, after living the good life, and with all that money stashed away.

Look at the man: he's scared right now, trying to prove his strength with threats.  Ask yourselves how many more troops will allow themselves to be used as fodder by one man's insatiable thirst for more power….and how many Russian troops may stop fighting altogether. Have you factored all venues? Instead we have a reflection of fear showcased.

The West is not even talking tough. "We will not implement a no-fly zone".

Here's Hero Tough: "Russian Army, go Fuck Yourselves!"

But here's what the West does need to say, "Mr. Putin, we, the Western Democracies of Europe, will engage our forces to stop the destruction of Ukraine and the genocide that is being committed against its citizens. Genocide that you, Mr. Putin, are committing. --- This has to stop!"

"You have threaten the use of nuclear weapons; well, we will retaliate against your forces in a like manner if you do fire first. Be forewarned, we stand by all who defend democracy and Ukrainians are doing so heroically. We cannot betray them."

"And also mind this fact, Mr. Putin, in launching that first nuclear strike you will forever place your historical mark (including Russian history books) alongside Adolf Hitler, the other dictator who started a World War. Your choice?"

And let the whole world hear that message…. because it is the World Democracy versus Putin.

And President Biden is also facing his moment in history as well, either he sits on the sidelines as Ukrainians die or he defends them. What will be his measure in history?

We know how high the bar has been raised by President Zelensky…who'll be next to reach it?

So far Putin still has the run of the field, with only Ukrainian Heroes trying to stop them on the ground…..meat grinding until Ukraine will have nothing but orphans left to inhabit it.. And any ceasefire offered by Russia will only be a tactical ploy and guaranteed to be violated by Russia….No, he's still in charge.

And the West has once again fallen victim at the expense of  Ukraine sovereign democratic nation's Freedom… The ONLY nation brave enough to fight the new Nazis invaders….even to the last weapon, the last bullet.

So I ask you President Biden….What would Beau do? I believe he would fight for Ukraine's  freedom? He couldn't not…..

Will you?

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