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The Putin Prophecy The Putin Prophecy
by Bohdan Yuri
2022-03-11 07:23:08
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Plain and Simple: When Putin invaded Ukraina he signed his own death warrant.

Yeah, I understand. Just another stab at sensationalism without any concrete evidence to support such a generic statement. I get it. But this is a prophecy, if there were solid evidence then this wouldn't be a prophecy.

There are many ways to look at this from a wish to a fact….and with all the weirdness in-between.

put0001_400_01No, it probably won't happen today, but perhaps a future tomorrow may embrace that prophetic day. Footsteps emerging from shadows past that might be seeking revenge.

It's a constant companion for any dictator.

Who may do it, you ask?  Anyone! From his closest aid to the sons and daughters of fallen Ukrainian heroes.

How will it happen… a bullet, a bomb… a poison for classic irony.

Impossible you say, with all the protection. He's survived all these years, he's well versed in the ways of protecting himself. And he thought Ukrainians would welcome him. In fact,  all it takes is just a dedicated assassin, undeterred by the odds and smart enough to succeed.

From the day he entered Ukraine, the contract has been issued. It may happen today, tomorrow, or the next step outside, or inside. Yes, from this day on Putin will always have to wonder; look for the shadows of betrayal, suspect all and fear all. Oligarchs have ways of getting things done.

But then again that future assassin, it could also turn out to be the mother of a fallen Russian soldier. Sent to be slaughtered and betrayed by their own leaders. Leaving only confused last words and feelings on their cell phones to their mothers before dying ….

It's undeniable, Putin's Fate is sealed….Ukraina and Ukrainians will not let Putin get away with this genocide. Putin and the world has finally seen the resolve of the Ukrainian Spirit.

Putin should worry. Ukrainians have shown the rest of the world that the Putin road show is nothing to be feared and full of holes. While the rest of the world feared provoking Putin, Ukraina has exposed the weak legs of Russian resolve pushed by fear against its own soldiers.

So from this day on observe for signs of medicated eyes and the lowering posture of the coming days (some already taking over); shouldering the burden of fear, awaiting the friendly hand of betrayal. It will weigh heavily and destroy Putin's rule.

Time…. will call this a prophecy or just a plain old wish of an Ukrainian-American.

They are, and will be, both.

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