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How's Mercy Coming Along ? How's Mercy Coming Along ?
by Leah Sellers
2022-03-09 07:41:20
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“Hey, Maybelle ? Are you fussin’ around in the Chicken Coop, Hon ?” Sam asked as ducked to enter the large Chicken House he’d built for Maybelle when they had moved out to the Country years ago.
“Yes, Sam. Come on in. I was just checkin’ up on Mercy, before callin’ it a day. She and the new Rhode Island Red, Smarty Pants, got into it today, and they both lost a few feathers establishin’ hen peckin’ territory. They’re both a little worse for the wear, but no real damages done to either Hen,” Maybelle explained as she coddled Maybelle in her arms.
“Who names these chickens anyways ?” Sam asked with a grin.
chic00001_400“I do or the kids, but you know that,” Maybelle retorted returning his sarcasm with a grin of her own.
“I thought maybe you were in here philosophizing about politics amongst the Chickens again,” Sam said with a chuckle. “Beats me how these Birds have anything of value to offer.”
“Oh, Chickens know all about Barnyard politics, Hon. What do you think the frackus between Mercy and the new gal, Smarty Pants was all about ? Hen Peckin’ Rights, that’s what,” Maybelle laughed.
“I heard you talkin’ to your friend Paula over the phone earlier today about the frackus in Ukraine. Heard you two conjurin’ up ways to help get food and clothing to the folks over there,” Sam admitted cautiously.
“Oh, you did, did you ?” Maybelle grinned at his admission of eavesdropping.
“Well, I normally don’t stop to listen to your calls, Hon, but I heard you tell Paula that Biden and his folks should make Putin and all of the Oligarchs that help prop up his Totalitarian Regime should have their frozen funds sent to house, clothe and feed all of the Ukrainian Refugees overwhelming other countries they’re runnin’ to for protection and safety from his military’s bullets and bombs,” Sam said.
Sam shook his head sadly from side-to-side. “It appears that Putin is the sociopath you’re always sayin’ he is. He is literally bent on destroyin’ everything about Ukraine that makes it Ukrainian. But you gotta’ hand to that young, inexperienced leader Zelensky. He is the right man at the right time in history. He is full of Courage and Perseverance. He’s like a young Lion roaring back into the face of the old Lion. ‘Set my People Free and Leave !’ “
“You gotta’ admire that young man’s spunk and smarts. And the Wise moves of Biden so far.”
“Yes, I agree, Sam. I do admire that spunky young Ukrainian Leader. The World needs more of them. But I also admire the Wisdom in waging this World War III with softer power. The Leverages of Sanctions and such, trying to make Czar Putin, and his Gang of spoiled Oligarchs feel Economic pain in opposition to the UnConscionable Murder and Mess they’re perpetuatin’ against a democratically leanin’ Country they want to usurp and have submit to their wills and pocketbooks. It’s is a sound strategy.” Maybelle agreed, still pettin’ on one of her favorite Hens, Mercy.
“My heart goes out to the Children and Elders of warring Countries everywhere, and the Husbands and Sons, Wives and Daughters everywhere that pick up a gun or stay behind in order to patch up wounded bodies and Souls in order to help maintain and protect the Back Bone of the Countries they Love and the peaceful Lives of their own Choosin’ that they want to Live.” Maybelle said intently.
“I don’t know what to think about our Folks not puttin’ up a No Fly Zone over Ukraine though, because it’s obvious that Putin is leanin’ toward levelin’ everything. Their Schools, their Churches, their Businesses, their Art and ancient Architecture. Why, heck, their entire Culture. It’s like he’s tryin’ to make it as though Ukraine and the Ukrainians never existed.” Sam added.
“I know what you mean, Sam. They need our help militarily in some ways as well as Our and NATO’s humanitarian efforts. We just have to be careful, because Putin does not want to lose face on the World stage. You’d think that he’d know that has already happened in the eyes of everyone who knows the real facts of what’s goin’ on. But he’s spent years weavin’ Lies and manipulatin’ a lot of folks into believing’ ‘em. Just like Trump and his Trumpians and Bannon and Bannonites. They’re all Criminals woven from the same rotten cloth.”
“Maybelle, I voted for Trump. Why are you always tryin’ to make me feel like a Fool for doin’ so ?” Sam asked sourly.
“Because it was a Foolish act, Sam.” Maybelle retorted. And that Sociopath is still doin’ everything he can on the airwaves, electronic algorithims and his ego-driven rallies to continue to divide our nation. He and Putin are both Democracy Killers, and the timin’ of all of this is very fishy, if you ask me. Havin’ all of this World War III mish-mash prolong and deepen Our Country and the World’s Inflation, just because we’re fightin’ a Cool World War and not a Hot One. The whole world needs to be facin‘ up to Climate Change right now. And here we all are distracted once again by the Power Plays of Selfish and petty Fools !”
“Cause’ that destructive Bully Boy, Putin has already threatened Nuclear action. In fact, he and his military threw bombs and lit fires all around one of Ukraine’s main nuclear plants. What idiocy ! Totalitarian Leaders like Putin are dinosaurs. They are holdin’ the world back from takin’ more Enlightenin’ Steps toward a Better Global future for Everybody !” Maybelle continued.
“Just think about it, Sam. Spain, through Mexico, owned Texas at one time. How would We feel if the Mexican Army showed up at our doorsteps with guns, and tanks, and planes and the like, and told us that they were takin’ it all back just because they didn’t like the way we were Thinkin’ or Doin’ things ? Well, that’s what’s happenin’ to Ukraine !”
“And Remember the Alamo ?! Remember the Texas fighters bein’ surrounded and overwhelmed by the numbers of Santa Anna’s troops ? Wonder how they felt when they found out Sam Houston and his troops weren’t showin’ up to help them in time ? That they were to be Sacrificed for the so called Greater Good ?!”
“In fact, one of my friends actually said to me, that we should tell the Ukrainians that ’No one was comin’ to Save them. That they needed to get up on their own two feet and Save themselves’. I almost did a flip ! In fact, I almost told them, because they always claim to be such a good Christian, that perhaps I should I give that message to Christ’, ’cause No One showed up to Save him either ! The Roman and Jewish leaders saw Christ as a big headache and threat to their so-called Power and coffers. Even Christ’s disciples skidaddled, and hid away in fear when the chips were down.”
“It’s lucky for the disciples and the rest of us that after Christ was Sacrificed for their Greater Good, that Christ was able to Resurrect himself and Transform, and roam around a bit in public in some kind of ghostly form. Sort of like some Cyber-ghost the kids are always telling’ tales about. But it was Christ’s ability to do that. To Rise and make his Spirit known that Saved the Day and Everybody else later on for that matter.”
“What in the world are you talkin’ about. Maybelle ? You lost me at the Alamo,” Sam said irreverently.
“Well, I’m not surprised, Hon. After all, you did vote for that traitorous Trumpty, Humpty, Dumpty,” Maybelle replied sardonically.
“And I’m sick of Bully Boys like Trump and Putin, and those of their ilk, bein’ called Strong Men. They are not Strong. They are Selfish and Amoral Corrupted, and avariciously Power Hungry Souls. Criminals. Black Hole Souls. Period. They are Destroyers of all that is Decent and Productively Forward Reaching and Creative. The World needs better Servant Leaders. Servant Leaders ! Not Leaders seeking and needing Servants that they can use and abuse !”
“Maybelle, Honey, I love you and always will, but I could sure use a little of the Mercy you’re dolin’ out to Hen of yours right now ?”
Maybelle’s Hen, Mercy, clucked softly and stared at Sam as though she understood what he had said.
Maybelle smiled and placing her gently onto the ground watched as Mercy strutted off to join the other Chickens.
“How about you and I mosey into town and get this week’s shopping done. Jed and Peggy Joy are comin’ over for dinner this Wednesday after Church, and I need to pick up some odds and ends for the red velvet cake I’m makin’, Maybelle suggested.
“Sounds like a plan to me, Hon. And Maybelle, I’m sure glad to
See that Mercy is comin’ along alright,” Sam said as he followed Maybelle out of the Chicken Coop.
“Me, too, Sam. Mercy’s important to all of us,” Maybelle said as she gently took hold of Sam’s hand.


Cover page: "Ukrainian girl with Flowers" by Viktor Zaretsky (1925-1990)


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