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Serious, frivolous, cold people Serious, frivolous, cold people
by Joseph Gatt
2022-01-18 07:56:37
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To put things simply, serious people try to solve problems and plan their future lives. Frivolous people are more concerned with being funny and making people laugh. Cold people are mean, but that's because they want to be left alone and don't want people to come too close.

So those are basically the three categories of people that you will encounter. Think about it. You go online, and you have all the serious people trying to get to the truth of the story. Then you have frivolous kids throwing jokes when the atmosphere is trying to be serious. Then you have cold people being aggressive when they are trying to get everyone to stay quiet. And those are the three forces that confront each other.

peop00001_400So what are serious people like? What are frivolous people like? What are mean people like?

Serious people

They like to plan. So they are constantly seeking information. They like to listen to other people who provide information. They also like to help people by sharing any information that they might have.

They also spend a great deal of time trying to solve problems, be they physical problems or abstract problems. So they will constantly try to discuss situations and how to improve them, how to make life better for everyone around them.

So serious people are going to spend a lot of time reading about problems, listening to people discuss problems, researching problems, seeking new ways to solve problems. And that's how they spend their time.

Serious people are usually not really into making people laugh, although their approach to solving problems or sharing information can elicit a great deal of laughter. They usually avoid being mean, aggressive, violent or confrontational, although when people refuse to solve problems or plan the future they can end up being violent or aggressive, but only so people can get more serious about solving problems or planning the future.

Frivolous people usually say that serious people should plan for more fun and less work or problem-solving. That is, frivolous people will say that serious people are too boring and rigid about life, and they want them to plan for more fun, laughter and entertainment. Serious people see no point in having fun for the sake of having fun, and want to have fun only if the entertainment provides information that can help solve problems or plan the future.

Cold people usually say that serious people talk too much and get little done. That is cold people want serious people to talk less about problems, and to dive in and solve the problems unilaterally, without much talk, if any. Cold people also detest the fact that serious people seek attention during their problem-solving and future planning. Cold people tend to say that serious people should internalize their problem-solving and future planning, and should not make such plans public.

Frivolous people

Frivolous people want to make people laugh and they want people to have fun, to enjoy and to be elated. So their daily routine involves building a repertoire or jokes and stories that they can tell at the office or to their friends. They are constantly seeking funny stories that can make for a good time, even when the stories are not always true.

And that's where the danger lies. Frivolous people want people to laugh and have fun, and don't care about the authenticity of their stories or the safety of their activities. So they wouldn't mind misleading people just for laughs, prank people, flat out lying to people, confusing people, or inviting people to engage in dangerous activities like taking drugs or unprotected sex. They'll do anything to get a good story.

So frivolous people will seek out interesting stories. They will go to parties, stalk people on social media, go to all the local events. But they are not seeking information or trying to build bridges or solve problems or advance a cause. They are trying to get material so they can tell stories that elicit laughter.

Problem is frivolous people also tend to be attention-seeking people. So if they're not getting any attention, they could tell stories that lack realism, that hurt people's feelings or that flat out irritate people by their provocativeness. And that's when frivolous people can start hurting people, being aggressive, or even harming people so they can get a good story. They'd even try to go to prison if that could lead to interesting stories.

Frivolous people can also get depressed when they are not getting attention. So they could try everything they can to get attention, including dating someone they don't like, having wild unprotected sex with other people, or even trying to seduce people they don't really like so they can get a good story.

Serious people dislike the fact that frivolous people are not serious about solving problems or planning the future. Serious people also tend to dislike frivolous people for being provocative and getting little practical work done.

Cold people tend to dislike frivolous people for trying to get too close to people and for seeking attention from people. Cold people tend to silence frivolous people and ask them to stay at a distance, although cold people sometimes use frivolous people to irritate serious people, as cold people tend to view serious people more as a threat, when they know they can keep frivolous people at a distance.

Cold people

They want to be alone. Had it not been for social or economic obligations, they would live alone. The only time they seek companionship is during sexual intercourse, and to them, even sex is an impersonal activity where no human exchange is involved.

So they hang out with people because they have to, and they have no other choice. So will be cold, distant, mean, aggressive to other people to keep them at a distance. If anyone gets too close, they will be violent with them, try to drive them crazy, assault them, scare them, until the person runs away if they can. But they'll never take the blame for making people run away. To cold people, it's the people who try to get too close who are at fault, and violence is the price such people pay.

So cold people know that social interactions are a must, but they interact socially against their will. And that's when they make people feel unwelcome; they can torture people, harass people, or let people know that their presence is not welcome. People who meet them wonder how they can feel welcome; think that perhaps they made some kind of faux pas when dealing with such people. There was no faux pas, and they would have been met with aggressiveness and violence no matter how they had approached these cold people.

Serious people are confused by cold people. Serious people don't understand how on the one hand cold people interact with other people (because cold people have to) yet don't try to build a clean personal relationship with other people. Serious people think that if you don't want to interact with other people, you should seek jobs where social interactions are minimal.

Frivolous people tend to be attracted by cold people because they know they can gain a lot of fun material from cold people. So frivolous people will hang out with cold people, try to extract information, and try to build a joke or two on that. The danger is when frivolous people get too close from cold people, and that conflicts follow. What was a joke at the beginning becomes serious.

The main thing about cold people is how they make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to life's difficulties. Their way of keeping people at a distance is by noticing the small stuff, and making huge violent scenes out of the small stuff, that may have sounded details at first.

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Jan Sand2022-01-19 07:01:50
To slice around eight billion people into three simple categories seems to me to pretty much ignore the immense complexity of even one individual, not to mention how various even that individual changes immensely from hour to hour and over the years of his or hers lifetime. Some comedians wonderfully expose various deep human problems in many very useful ways.

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