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New World New World
by Nikos Laios
2022-01-20 07:47:16
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Someday they will say
That we lived in a world
Of desolation and strife,
Of empty cities and towns
Pandemic bomb days
Beheadings and protests.

city_skyline_by_night_400_01Yet I found in the darkest hours
The light shinning through the brightest,
Streaming through cracks in the blue
Darkness dispelled by the light falling
On oceans the lungs of the world teeming
With life as the earth revolves around the sun
And the seasons turn and this small blue dot
Suspended in the black nothingness of space
A small beacon of life and hope.
All that ever was and all that shall
Ever be all born, all living and perishing
Together on this small blue world;
We have so much in common.

The world is beautiful,
Life is beautiful,
Every day above
The ground is beautiful,
Savouring the sweetness
Of creation like
It’s our first day
Is beautiful.

The synchronicity
Of nature bestowing
Magic to the world;
Green shimmering
Fields and swaying trees,
Colourful and aromatic
Flowers in bloom,
Majestic snowcapped
Peaks and lush jungles,
Orange desert sands,
The shinning oceans
Bejewelled by floating
Islands warmed
By sunrise and sunsets
To the rhythm of time.

One day they will say
That we found hope,
That we embraced
Our humanity
And celebrated
New life and love
With happiness
And passion,
That we found
And buried
Our hatreds
In the dark earth,
And they will say
That it was all just
A bad dream,
That we woke up
One day and found
A new world.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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