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Detox Prayer Detox Prayer
by George Cassidy Payne
2022-01-21 08:01:47
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I am weak but willing
I am flawed but fluid.
I am lost but listening.
I am ready for you to come through the portals.
From my crown to the roots of my feet,
I am ready for you to enter.
Here. Now. Passing through this misery,
I am ready to be mindful.
Let all who come with me be liberated.
Let all who stay behind find refuge.
Let all who seek answers find themselves instead.
For where I am going, there is no hope or fear.
No needs or desires. No judgments or preferences.
Just what is. The ability to deal with what is.
The path itself. No goal or victory.
Just the basic sanity of the path itself.
Complete total openness.


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