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New York Subway New York Subway
by Jan Sand
2022-01-22 07:55:21
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If I entwined my hair with flashing light,
Inscribed my forehead bright with fire red
Diagrams of curves and clouds to bring to sight
The cavorting shapes moving in my head;
If I dyed my ears blue, drew a banana on my nose,
Placed between my lips a round glass eye,
Hung each armpit with a yellow rose,
Strung glass bells inside my thigh
To titillate my genitals and tinkle
On arousal, wound ribbons out of gold
Around my calves to curl and crinkle
As I strolled into the subway crowd, bold
In all my manic glory, perhaps a face or two
Might glance my way, dismiss this clown
And return to puzzle out the clue
For ten across, maybe six down.



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