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(Science-fiction) Let's make a virus! (Science-fiction) Let's make a virus!
by Joseph Gatt
2022-01-13 08:06:56
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You see, Gatt. They borrow money to start a business. Raise startup funds. They go to the bank and come up with grandiose schemes for their business. They claim to have invented a better version of Amazon or Facebook.

You see, Gatt. These entrepreneurs then travel the world to meet fellow entrepreneurs, who also borrowed millions of dollars so they can start a business. They meet at pubs, night clubs, jazz clubs, you name it.

These entrepreneurs hire staff that they pay six figures, sometimes seven figures. All with borrowed money. The entrepreneurs and their staff can spend six figures a month on bars, hotels and clubs.

vir01_400_01You see, Gatt. If you need to travel and book a hotel room chances are the hotel will be booked and you won't be able to find a room. You'll have to settle for a hostel room or try your luck with Air B n'B. The hotels are packed with corrupt government officials, and heavily in debt entrepreneurs and their staff who like to book rooms so they can party. The rest of the rooms are packed with prostitutes who serve their needs. And those prostitutes have a lot of business going.

You see, Gatt. All those golf courses, packed to capacity. Those corrupt entrepreneurs and government officials play golf all day, and tell their bosses they are doing business. They're just in it for the golf. Not even for the golf actually. For the drinks. Sometimes for the drugs. And for the prostitutes.

You see, Gatt. Conferences and expositions. No one's in it for the business and the speeches. Everyone's in it for the after parties. Even journalists like their share of the cake.  

You see, Gatt. These heavily in debt entrepreneurs shop for nothing but luxury. Expensive brand clothes, expensive restaurants, expensive groceries. They won't buy anything that doesn't have seven numbers on it.

You see, Gatt. Those debt-riddled entrepreneurs also think they'll make money by driving expensive cars. And living in expensive houses. They claim that no one will do business with them if they don't drive an expensive car and live in an expensive neighborhood. Problem is no one does business with them anyway.

You see, Gatt. Those debt-riddled entrepreneurs and corrupt government officials attend expensive parties where they claim to be “CEOs”. They are CEOs indeed. Not that anyone's heard of their brand. So they try hard to make it sound like the brand is huge.

You see, Gatt. Those debt-riddled entrepreneurs then purchase expensive property to build their business HQ. Not that they got a lot of visitors.

You see, Gatt. Those entrepreneurs then go to expensive health clubs where most of the people who exercise are debt-riddled entrepreneurs or high-end prostitutes. They know where to help themselves.

“Don't they run out of money” asked Gatt.

You see Gatt. Those hotels, high-end restaurants, health clubs, golf courses, sports venues, bars, pubs, clubs are all controlled by a mafia. Those venues are ideal prostitution rings and drug rings. Those debt-riddled entrepreneurs eventually get into drugs, after alcohol no longer gives them pleasure.

So you see Gatt. Those places force banks to keep loaning money to debt-riddled entrepreneurs so business can keep moving forward.

But you see Gatt. Eventually banks stop loaning debt-riddled entrepreneur’s money. So those debt-riddled entrepreneurs, who act under cover as high-end CEOs, infiltrate the high-class and kidnap their children. That way they know they will get expensive ransoms. That's how they keep their partying lifestyle and posh lifestyle going.

You see, Gatt. Some heavily in debt entrepreneurs even start entertainment venues of their own. The trend these days is entertainment venues that cater to the needs of pedophiles. They think there's cash to be made. They'll kidnap rich children and sell them into prostitution. That way they'll make money until they get their big ransom.  

So Gatt. Here's what we're gonna do. We're going to invent a virus. I'll call it COVID-19. Co vid in Latin means see together. 19 is the kabalistic number for death. So we will kill the idea that debt-riddled entrepreneurs mix and see together with those who work their ass off.

So Gatt. We'll claim that the virus is killing people and is very contagious. And that we need to close the borders and shut down entertainment venues. That way entertainment venues won't pressure is into keeping loaning money to those debt-riddled entrepreneurs. Eventually those entertainment venues will run out of business. And that's how we'll kill that mafia.

But Gatt. You will not see the light of day. You will entertain people with funny papers. You will puzzle your readers with fun facts. You will put on a show.

The virus is going to last. 2 years, 3 years, who knows. Until that mafia no longer pressures us into loaning money that we don't have to finance that sort of partying lifestyle. Once that mafia goes out of business, they will cooperate and seek cleaner ways to earn income.

Good night, Gatt. Godspeed. Hang in there. I'll let you know when it's over.

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