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Society of truth, society of lies Society of truth, society of lies
by Joseph Gatt
2022-01-11 07:27:53
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There are basically two types of social models that you will encounter: social models based on the truth, and social models based on lies.

In social models based on the truth, the smart survive and the stupid don't. All you need to strive for is excellence. You need to be an individual that has the smarts, you need to work with smart people. You also need to come up with good products, to be productive, and your products need to be practical, simple to use, healthy, and pleasant. Problem-solving is also important, and you will need to skillfully fix whatever problem you might encounter.

So in social models based on the truth, you will need to be honest about where you products come from, what your products are useful for. The more clearly you express your thoughts, the more likely you are to move forward and achieve wealth and happiness.

soc00001_400Of course in social models based on the truth you will need to be able to plan for the long-term. You will need to save money, to be careful how you spend your money, and to be cautiously optimistic about the future. You will need to plan ahead and take health factors and disaster factors into account. But you will happy to go about your day to day business.

In social models based on lies, your product doesn't really matter. All you need to do is tell a decent amount of lies to move forward. If anyone asks you if you can do anything, always say yes. Everyone's a plumber. Everyone's an electrician. Everyone's a makeup artist. Everyone's a rocket scientist.

In societies based on lies, it's who you know that counts, not what you know. You will need to know people who can pay to protect you. Because the government often punishes those who don't pay for protection, and often protects those who do pay for protection. The more you pay for protection, the more you will be protected.

Of course in societies based on lies, education and knowledge tend to be useless. What you really need is to tell a healthy amount of lies, scam people into buying your cheap, useless product. So you will need to use a lot of blackmail, and threats towards people to force them to buy your product, and that's how you move forward.

So in societies based on lies you have to pay people to protect you. You then threaten people and force them to pay you so you can protect them. Those people, in turn, will use threats and violence against other people until those people pay them so they can protect them. And the chain goes on and on.

So in societies based on lies you will need to distort the truth, claim to be omnipotent and omniscient, claim to know everything and to have superpowers. You will then use threats and intimidation against other people until they pay you so you can protect them, and you pay those people who intimidate you so they can protect you.

In societies based on lies there's always a rumor that there is some gang that is immune from threats and harassment. So you will try to marry into that clan, or try to make friends in that clan so you can claim protection from that clan, even though that clan is never really immune from protection.

The question is what social model will governments want to adopt? The advantage of a society based on the truth is that you lead a pretty comfortable life. If you're real about quality, you will provide quality service and leave everyone satisfied.

If you opt for a social model based on lies, people in society, no matter how big or small, will tend to be dissatisfied about life within the community. That is people will put a lot of effort into seeking protection, the kind of effort they could have put into improving the quality of their product. More importantly, in societies based on lies, threats and harassment are so common that you end up being on edge most of the time. When in societies based on the truth you can enjoy life most of the time.

That is, in societies based on the truth, the government protects against threats and harassment. In societies based on lies, it's the individuals who have to pay to gain protection from threats and harassment.

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