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Fiendishly Clever
by Linda Lane
2007-09-07 09:41:37
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Fiendishly clever she made a deposit to move in but never paid the rent. Her landlord called the first time on the 5th and inquired when the rent would be sent. Some excuse was made.

Working quickly she renovated the charming older apartment and sublet it for a thousand dollars more per month to an Iranian family from Brazil with ties to the worldwide Nazi Mafia.

She continued to collect rent from this family while her landlord hired a lawyer to evict her. He worked for months and then years and spent thousands filing claims against her while she cleverly moved on to her next target.

"I live a fast life" she was quoted as saying in an international magazine's expose of foreigners living in Belize.

Of course, eventually she made a small mistake involving a large transaction. When the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrived at her chic house the only clue she left was a handwritten list on striped lylac paper reading:

7 Rules of Business

1 Empower by investing in people's futures

2 Reality is negotiable

3 Aliens attract attention but trust decreases later

4 What's your game is hotter than what's my game

5 Patience is a compassionate business skill and vice versa

6 Business is bold - powerful - peaceful - inspiring, and all the intoxication needed

7 Enough is enough

On the other side was a laundry and to-do list.

Detectives concerned over her disappearance argued at length but the list was made public - the newspapers and TV shows ranted for weeks about the mention of "Aliens."

Some people claimed she joined jazz-rock fusion bands and toured, sounding a lot like Etta James. Others claimed that she disappeared into the quiet backwaters of some third world country. The footage of her flashing a fashionable leg under a featherweight white satin cape, while being whisked into a premiere was played so many times it became etched into world consciousness even though her crimes were somewhat petty, they fascinated the public, like the exotic behavior of some unfathomable yet talented spy.

And of course, she made the cover of Time magazine, some thought, in more ways than one.

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Max2007-09-10 20:34:50
Are you talking about my girlfriend?

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