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Will COVID cause social chaos? Will COVID cause social chaos?
by Joseph Gatt
2022-01-05 09:16:05
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Thank God I don't have cancer or any other terminal illness. And may God grant me a healthy life into ripe old age.

But the last couple of years I know what it's like to live with a terminal disease. We all do. You let go of your life goals and plans and you fight the disease. You wake up every morning checking your health report. Every day has its loads of medication and things you're allowed to do and not allowed to do, places you're allowed to go and places you're not allowed to go.

More sadly, the first couple of weeks into your diagnosis, your family and friends hang out with you and cheer you up. But after that first couple of weeks your friends and family and loved ones tend to let go of you and tell you they have a life of their own. So you're left all alone, stranded, fighting for your life.

corona01_400Every day has its load of hopeless news or bad news. Terminal illness comes in waves as well. Things ease up a bit, only to come bite you even harder. But all you can do is hope and pray that you're fit and able to get on with a normal life again.

That's kind of how COVID works. The news on TV has become a medical daily report of sorts. Things you're allowed to eat and not allowed to eat. Places you're allowed to go and not allowed to go. Vaccines you need to get. Treatment you need to seek. Precautions you need to take. And a report on the health effects of COVID, what to do if you catch COVID, how to fight COVID, how to avoid catching COVID. And all kinds of health precautions, what masks to wear, how to wash your hands, how to behave socially.  

Problem is, we healthy folks have a life of our own that we need to fight for. And with all the medical news, we aren't getting our daily economic report. The economy is about checking the pulse to see whether we are in a recession and need to work harder to attract clients, or whether the economy is booming and we can sit back and relax and clients will come flooding our industry.

With COVID, the economy is pretty much all about improvisation. Hopeful one day, hopeless the next. No one hires because no one knows how long the industry will last. No one plans for the future. People keep their employees only because stringent labor laws force them to keep their employees.

And then society goes like: look, if I catch the virus and die, so be it. But I do not want to die of starvation to avoid catching COVID. Between COVID and starvation, I would have to go with COVID.

The lack of adaptation to a pandemic-times economy, and the lack of economic perspective means that societies around the world are bubbling up. People are angry that no economic planning was made during COVID, and that people were told to starve just so they can avoid catching a virus.

Political meetings were all cancelled. Economic meetings all cancelled. Social meetings, all cancelled. People don't talk to each other to discuss the future, to discuss partnerships, to discuss future perspective.

The economy is a speculative science of sorts where the future is planned and people make deals that they will implement in the future.

You know how the saying goes: “you know that your wife does not love you anymore the minute she stops discussing the future”. And I would add “you know you are going to starve the minute society stops planning the future”.

So next time around, and starting today, when there's a pandemic, you need to take precautions to prevent people from catching the virus. But you need to do so in ways where people will not starve instead.

So unless leaders unveil their economic vision for the future and say where the economy headed (which will be the topic for my next paper) people are going to hit the streets and protest in anger until leaders come up with an economic vision.

You can't force people to die of starvation just because they were trying to avoid to catch a deadly flu.

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Jan Sand2022-01-05 19:53:11
At the age of 96 the terminal thoughts range from relief that most of your life has been lived any way so there is not much to lose. But the world, now approaching miseries from pandemics and global warming and possible nuclear idiocy tends to create thoughts that there is still a bit of decent time to commit suicide to avoid the approaching horrors. Almost all of your friends and relatives have already vanished and what is left is far too idiotic to be worth confronting.

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