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New Moon's Senior ADvisor on Removing Bio-InfoExtremists
by Linda Lane
2007-09-12 09:58:02
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Compiled from Several Sources by Wonderlane

CNNBCMS, Monday, July 15, 2205;

Posted: 47:08 post meridian, NMSGST (10:08 NWT)

Hon. Zevre Plutonium Farrahsum, New Moon's ADvisor, called on peace publishers to flag extremism from their information systems, at a rate accepted by national forums.

STARGATE, Newmoon (CNNBCMS) – NewMoon Lead ADvisor, Hon. Zevre Plutonium Farrahsum, pays peace enforcement groups to launch a systemwide campaign against banned bio- and info-extremist groups, targeting their fundstreams, bioweapons and netmeetings.

This campaign aims to flag all "hate" material from public, private and online markets for auto-deletion and removal by the next revolution. His directive appeared at the announcement of an alleged NewMoon connection in yesterday's terrorist information bombings in NuLondon and Singarich databanks.

Addressing top education officers from around the system, Farrahsum said the ruling corporate government will not tolerate extremism, nor bio-nihilism and will continue to combat bioterrorism "with unflinching force of will maintaining an open civilization where all beings are educated, free and unafraid, because doing so is in the interest of New Moon's continued astro-social economic progress, and it is agreed to public moral policy" according to his statement released on New Moon's Public Announcements videosite.

Father of one of the plain humans suspected of being the NuLondon biocide bomber -- Sazhawa Ta' Weer, 21 std. solar years -- told us via live connection the family is of NewMoon origin, born and raised in the neighborhood of Londinum. Although they are members of one of the non-engineered human religions, the family spokesperson said "We are appalled! The shame of this act! This is our home." and weeping asked the reporters present, "She couldn't really do this, could she? This is why we left Earth."

Announcing the bombings, Farrahsum expressed condolences to the families of the biobombing victims, pledging assistance in the investigation and insisted that New Moon plays a crucial role in the war against bioterror.

He restated the corporate government's directive not to allow banned militant organizations to resurface under new names in their attempt to gain new sources of fundstreams and webpub sources, as detailed on the illuminated hologram freesite.

Currently, both paid and free blogs, adwriters, software and game publishers and distributors are banned from publishing and distributing hate material, including popups, TVlets and massive mutual play categories, the statement read. All bio-genome science developers were already onboard as of the prior information convention. Robotic categories are not expected to be affected.

Farrahsum emphasized to peace officers that his actions are aimed at the extremist minority harming New Moon's public and private interests and corrupting the previously unsullied image of bio-diversity, including the mutant categories.

"While some governments can afford to be anti-biology – New Moon is an ideological place as a galactic democracy welcoming hybrids from all compatible biological types. We are a dynamically diverse off-world corp-funded state," he said, "We are not a bio-isolated island."

"We owe it to future generations to rid our hearts of the malaise of bio and info-extremism," he stated in his public site, "we seek only to fulfill the mission statement of New Moon's founders."

For more new scenes from BioInfomatic Diversity see ENGenious.

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LL2007-09-13 08:11:30
ok ok a genre based on information management and science fiction isn't really absurd, today we have bio-info bombs - we call them "hate speech' - still I'd love to hear what you think.

Emanuel Paparella2007-09-13 20:22:58

Linda, the link above will take you to hundreds of interesting views on the attempt to reconcile the split in Western culture between the world of the humanities (the I-Thou world) and that of technology and rationalism (the I-it world). It could be a first step to an adventurous journey worthy of a Star Trek.

Linda Lane2007-09-14 18:34:59
Thank you Emanuel, I will check it out.

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