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New Years Resolution New Years Resolution
by Jan Sand
2022-01-02 09:12:36
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The sensible, these days, has become
The weather, whether one agrees
To please
The experts, on the matter
bosc000001_400That the entire planet is about to shatter,
Scatter any hopes of rejuvenation,
Spin fate one hundred eighty degrees
To please the kids that might gain some future,
Suture the bleeding wounds, explain
This place has always faced bad times
And always pulled through
Will no longer do.
Quitting fast foods, brushing teeth
Twice a day and cleaning up after dogs
Seems somewhat feeble in the face
Of those hair trigger ICBMs in the current race
To see who might say ”What the Hell!”
And push that button to erase
Most of life in ultimate disgrace.
Fifteen or maybe twenty years
Appears to be the schedule for
This time for nevermore.
Finalities of totalities,
Despite their desperation,
Might donate an appreciation of completion.
One might grant to a meteor congratulations
Of a good try,
But it took the magnificence of humanity
To put in place
That most noteworthy
Coup de grâce.

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