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Number 2000
by The Ovi Team
2007-08-21 09:52:03
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On November 13th 2006 Ovi magazine celebrated publishing its 1,000th article and 281 days later we are proud to announce that number 2,000 is finally online. To commemorate yet another Ovi landmark we decided a recap of the nine articles at each progressive 100-mark would give you an insight into what Ovi really has to offer.

* * * * * * * * * *

Article 1100:

The Antikythera Mechanism
By Louie Parsons
2 Dec 2006

Even though Ovi magazine has a number of Greek writers contributing regularly, it was Louie Parsons that submitted this interesting piece on what many consider the world's first computer. The Antikythera Mechanism is an incredibly complicated instrument that was tragically lost when the Roman ship carrying it sank in about 65 B.C. Many researchers believe that it took 1,000 years before instruments of such complexity re-emerged. Louis' article combines interviews, scientific fact and speculation to create a great article on the device.

Quote: "A computer in antiquity would seem to be an anachronism, like Athena ordering takeout on her cellphone, but a century ago pieces of a strange mechanism with bronze gears and dials were recovered from an ancient shipwreck off the coast of Greece."

Article 1200:

Hanging loose or up tight
By Jan Sand
8 Jan 2007

In Jan Sand's opening paragraph he says, "Nor do I precisely feel the control freak has his head totally up his ass," you can't help be intrigued by the potential further phrases that one of Ovi's longest-contributing writers is going to serve up. Jan's perspective on the world has left many of you scratching your head in wonder and this article was no different.

“Learn the rules and then forget them” is the adage Jan applies to the universe in this piece and his explanation is incorporates human understanding of the world and its continuous testing of the rules. He may confuse some of us with words like 'hyperbolic and elliptic geometries', but brings us back with his statement that this world is full of crazies who are firmly convinced that the stars diddle with who we might meet next Tuesday. Check out the article with an accompanying image from Linda Lane's gallery.

Quote: "So we need both the slobs who break the rules and the adherents to strictly perceived order so that we may survive and prosper. It’s just a question of how much we can stand of either one before they drive us crazy."

Article 1300:

It is all ...Greek
By Thanos Kalamidas
5 Feb 2007

Ahhh, an article in Greek by Mr Kalamidas is certainly a tough one to review but thanks to the ingenious AltaVista Babel Fish Translation tool we can all gain some insight into what everybody's favourite Greek has to say for himself... sort of.

One difficulty of the Babel Fish Translation tool is its inability to fully understand all the Greek vocaubulary Thanos uses, which is a bit similar to my reaction to his English articles. Anyway, here is an excerpt from the translator: The Prime Minister that was compelled by gentleman Papandreou to leave for little your bed in the Wrwpo' and the kalobime'no piglet that him waited for –? any resemblance with the cryljko' companion of Asterj'x is perfectly accidental, the Ovelj'x had brain! –? and it goes to the Parliament of Greeks and Friday and Saturday and Sunday creating new personal record of time far from his slippers.

Clear? Read the quote to fully understand…

Quote: "Ο πρωθυπουργός που υποχρεώθηκε από τον κύριο Παπανδρέου να αφήσει για λίγο το κρεβάτι σου στον Ωρωπό και το καλοψημένο γουρουνόπουλο που τον περίμενε – οποιαδήποτε ομοιότητα με τον θρυλικό σύντροφο του Αστερίξ είναι τελείως τυχαία, ο Οβελίξ είχε μυαλό! – και να πάει στη βουλή των Ελλήνων και τη παρασκευή και το Σάββατο και την κυριακή δημιουργώντας καινούργιο προσωπικό ρεκόρ χρόνου μακριά από τις παντόφλες του."

Article 1400:

Getting a grip
By Asa Butcher
3 Mar 2007

Hey, it's something that I wrote! In that case I may as well reproduce the article in full here due to its unbridled excellence... ok, I have checked my ego and I'll stick to a brief overview. Earlier this year Nissan Nordic Europe Oy invited me to attend a winter driving school that they were organizing for foreigners, so I agreed and underwent a great day of safe, yet slippery, motoring.

The course was exhausting, it felt good knowing that some simple methods to avoid losing control on ice... the first being slow down. For so many people moving to Finland and being allowed to drive despite no experience on icy roads, there is a huge market for these types of driving schools and I hope that you have been inspired by this article to sign up for one soon. Even now, I still feel confident to drive my daughter around Finland at all times of the year.

Quote: "I began with rear-wheel drive and pushed the speed to 30km/h before slamming on the brakes halfway into the corner. The adrenaline rush as I just slid out of control could become addictive, yet when I repeated the corner with 4x4 activated there was no slippage at all. Safe, yet disappointing!"

Article 1500:

State of England's International Football
By Colin
30 Mar 2007

Strangely, sport is a rarity on Ovi magazine and I don't really know why. Anyway, for article 1,500 Colin - a short and sweet alias - stepped up with a retrospect look at the previous night's England international football match. To say he was disappointed would be an understatement and his selection of quotes targeting the team's lacklustre performance.

Colin was embarrassed by fans booing at half-time and asked, "Am I one of the few fans who sympathises with Steve McClaren?" Perhaps, perhaps not, but top English teams are no longer filled with 'Home Grown’ players. Colin concludes by suggesting that the FA enforce strict limits on the numbers of foreign players within national clubs, but while most teams are run as businesses that is unlikely to ever happen.

Quote: "I was embarrassed to see the, so-called, fans' reactions to the half-time result. What rights have they to hurl abuse and wave their fists at a manager who is trying his hardest to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear? He’s a manager not a magician. Maybe we should enlist the talents of David Blaine."

Article 1600:

Men Are from Earth, Women Are from Planet Impossible
By Stirred Up!
29 Apr 2007

Article 1,600 was a result of one of Ovi's many partnerships with other online magazines. 'Men Are from Earth, Women Are from Planet Impossible' was taken from Stirred Up!, a liberal and opinionated, serious and humorous, resourceful and vibrant, magaine that is not interested in the Brussels bubble. Alongside Stirred Up!, we also have regular contrubutions from Europe & Us, Newropeans and FREE!.

This particular article takes a look at the growing cohort of European ‘Bridget Joneses’,whose major spiritual influences have been the Spice Girls and "Sex and the City". They get no sympathy for being single and only have themselves to blame, according to the writer. Apparently the problem is that sophisticated, cosmopolitan girls are too demanding and unfair to Europe’s comparatively good-looking, helping-with-duties stock of men. Blimey, thank god I am married!

Quote: "They are invariably too hairy or not hairy enough (balding); too poor or too rich; too thin or too fat; too young (lack life experience) or too old (too much baggage ); too creative or too uptight (a variation of the too poor, too rich complaint); too English or too continental; too camp or not gay enough. The choice of restaurant is always too cheap or too show-off."

Article 1700:

He offered
By Linda Lane
29 May 2007

How can I review this? When Linda Lane first submitted this piece I was unsure as to whether it was a poem, an article or fiction. Even now I am still unsure, but I am glad that she did offer 'He Offered' because it is a beautiful piece that will sit at the back of your mind refusing to budge.

What would offer the one you love? Would you offer to abandon all hope, to be a network executive, to live in fear or to catch the next rail out of town? The man in this poem is prepared to offer it all, but there is no other like his final offer.

Quote: "But of all the offers he made; offering to play the piano, milk a goat, build an airplane, buy New York City, cause rain to fall in the Sahara for 1000 years; none was as fine as his final offer which I hope mankind will take him up on. He made many offers of great and profound significance - he offered to end world hunger and he offered to establish world peace."

Article 1800:

Global pedophile ring unmasked
By Amin George Forji
25 June 2007

The advent of the internet has made organized crime increasingly sophisticated, as criminals exploit this medium for their own ends, but police from four countries successfully smashed a global paedophilia ring earlier this year - arresting 700 suspects and rescuing over 3o children so far.

Amin George Forji's article gives an overview of the case and how British police working in collaboration with the US, Canadian and Australian authorities, unmasked a worldwide paedophile ring operating in 35 countries on every continent, which was coordinated through a UK-based internet site. It is reassuring to hear of stories such as these that remind you that the police are constantly working in both the online and offline world.

Quote: "Today's verdict serves as a powerful warning to those using the Internet to facilitate the sexual exploitation of children," Jim Gamble warned, "Any individual who thinks they carry out such horrific activities undetected is in for a very rude awakening. The belief that the Internet provides anonymity is unfounded."

Article 1900:

Eagle Soars High
By Clint Wayne
21 July 2007

Nostalgia is a thing of the past, he jokes. Well, it is certainly used in Clint Wayne's emotive article celebrating the 60th birthday of The Eagles' drummer/singer/songwriter Don Henley. Clint admits that the sad reality of life kicks in when you realise that Don Henley, the man who has given so many years of musical pleasure, is actually celebrating his sixtieth birthday. Don't worry, Clint, we won't tell anybody how old you are.

Clint takes us back on journey through Henley's performing years through his eyes and ears, bringing an excellent personal touch to the piece that does the great man justice. Thankfully, The Eagles' 'fourteen year vacation' did come to an end and the reunited band are still touring bringing more memories to fans, such as Clint. Altogether now, "Desperado!"

Quote: "It is ‘that’ treasured moment when your favourite singer, in your favourite band sings your favourite track and as the warmth of nostalgia washes all over you, taking you back to your impressionable teenage years of the early-Seventies and to the album and band that you cherished above all others."

* * * * * * * * *

So, that was our round up of the nine articles that appeared at each progressive 100-mark. I hope you enjoyed refreshing your memory of some of our team's archive work and take the opportunity to advance search our full back catalogue, perhaps you'll see something you missed first time round.

I wonder what will happen between now and number 3,000…

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Asa2007-08-21 10:08:08
Wow! Time has gone by so quickly... again, thanks to all of you who have helped us reach the 2,000 mark.

Thanos2007-08-21 10:38:43

Paparella2007-08-21 15:02:10
Awsome! Congratulations, and as the ancient Romans used to express it: ad majorem!

Simon2007-08-21 20:05:23
2,000... ha! Wake me when you get to 5,000 ;)

Well done, guys!

Jack2007-08-21 21:27:29
Just like wine, Ovi seems to get better all the time. I particularly liked Article 1200 by Jan Sand; Hanging loose or up tight.

I have been accused of being both a slob and a neat freak. It seems even the medium is not safe. A U.S. lottery ticket has instructions reading: Do Not Iron. I supposed these instructions were for the authentic neat freaks.

Thanks Ovi and Mr. Sand and constributors.

Linda Lane2007-08-21 23:28:59
Congratulations! You did it!

Matt Williamson2007-08-22 01:22:18
What a very cool way to look at the site OVI, thanks!

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