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New Year's Eve New Year's Eve
by Nikos Laios
2021-12-31 09:18:00
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I’m relaxing
In my old boyhood
Bedroom waiting for
New Year’s Eve,
The bottle of Jim
Beam is ready,
And my brother
Is waiting.

christmas_lights_in_the_window_blinds_400It’s a grey summer
Day and I can hear
The roar of the
Nearby ocean
Through an open
Window and the smell
Of the beach floats

It’s been a shitty
Summer and the
World has been ravaged
By the virus and I think
That as long as I’m safe,
Fuck the rest.
I think that’s what
Everyone else is secretly
Thinking right now.

New Year’s Eve
Is usually a big deal,
Everyone spending
Big bucks preening,
Looking nice and shiny,
Ready to consume
Large amounts of
Alcohol and drugs,
Spend big bucks for
The best seats
And the best
Vantage points.
To be seen,
To be loved,
And the countless selfies,
And they too are thinking
‘Fuck the virus’ ,
Because they don’t
Give a shit
About anyone else
But themselves
Because it’s
A selfish world
And that’s the truth
Of it.

This year
I’ve escaped the Sydney
Party scene and trekked
Down to the coastal
Homestead instead
To party with the family
Because I’m jaded and tired,
Or is it because I’ve seen it all?
I don’t know,
I just want to
Feel again
I guess.

I’m tired of it all,
All the New Year’s Eves,
One blending into another,
One pretentious group
Of people blending into another
Glistening with fake smiles,
One fireworks the same as
The previous ones;
And the same booze,
The same drugs,
The same faces,
The same pussy,
The same soulless
City sucking us dry,
And it’s the same
All over the world.

I’ve escaped
To the south coast,
To a beach shack
And I have
My bottle of booze,
My brother,
The see breeze,
The beach,
The local pub
Pouring fresh beer,
And we drink several
Pints of beer
Then piss
Like horses
Numbed and hungry
Wishing that roadside
Kebab stand was still around.
But it’s only the early afternoon,
And the party’s yet to start,
And right at this moment
I wonder how many other
Parties are waiting to start?

The night comes,
And the music pumps
Retro hits from
The 80’s, 90’s
And the 00’s.
The Jim Beam
Flows and little
By little we become
Numbed and

Another year passes,
Another year older,
Another year closer
To oblivion,
But it’s past midnight
And late and the only
Thing that matters
Right now is to hit the sack
And wake up in the morning
And catch some waves,
To feel the scent of the ocean
And the taste of the salty sea
And get hammered by some waves.

I feel so alive when I’m
In the ocean at one with the waves
Getting smashed by the wild
Seething forces of nature,
A part of something bigger,
And time slows in the sea,
And the mind is quiet,
And I exist just for that moment
Floating in the blue waves
Salt-encrusted and bronzed
Waiting for another wave,
Smiling like an innocent child,
Because nothing else matters
Than that moment in the sea,
Renewed and refreshed,
Revitalised and feeling so alive,
Until I return back to the daily city
Routine to be sucked dry again.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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