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T'was the Flight before Christmas T'was the Flight before Christmas
by Jan Sand
2021-12-24 08:18:40
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I ride the wind at Christmas time
Across a black and wintry sea
Strapped to a chair
High in the air
Deep in the dark, no Moon to see.

Before I am allowed this trip
Officialdom X rays my grip.
I must be closely scrutinized,
My pockets scanned, routinized
While my heartbeats do a flip.

And then, aboard, we must be fed
With mini portions, snips of bread.
We sit and wait and drowse with strain
Squashed into this aeroplane
Emitting groans for home and bed.

Finally, at dawn we see
The snowy hills of Helsinki,
The land where Santa Claus resides
(So the Christmas ad confides)
But we just pray to land safely.

With creaking joints and bleary eyes
We greet the cold Finnish sunrise,
We hug the wife, the family
And stagger to the Christmas tree.
"I made it, kids!". Big surprise!



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