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Helsinki's Rugby Warriors
by Helsinki Rugby Club
2007-08-20 09:47:19
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The local derby between Warriors Rugby Club and Helsinki Rugby Club took place at the weekend in Myllypurro. The kick-off was at the unusually late time of 1800. Helsinki were to field an exceptionally good pack of forwards, probably the best it has had all season, in the backs, there was so much competition for places that those not in the starting line up were to join the well-stocked bench of substitutes.

Helsinki's first ten minutes of the game were spent adjusting to what kind of game was to be played, a score from Warriors, was the calling card for HRC to settle it down and play the game at their pace, while the front eight brought domination to the scrums and won pretty much all of their own ball and disrupted most of WRC's put ins.

Lineouts were controlled by WRC. Helsinki's backs were stringing together moves but just seemed that, as has been present in most of HRC's games, the finishing was the missing component. Somehow HRC just could not connect the missing link, of holding on to the ball.

The second half of the game started with a score from Chris Boyd, his second in successive weeks, two more from Ray Drummond and a conversion from Jussi Alaputto saw HRC getting closer to Warriors, unfortunately it was not to be and the game finished 22-17 in the Warriors' favour.

If the missed chances had been capitalized on, it would have gone in HRC's way, but as the old English proverb states: 'If ifs and buts were pots and pans there would be no need for tinkers' - you cannot depend on what would have happened... only on what did happen.

The second team game was cancelled due to a lack of players in the Warriors squad.

The HRC women's team are also competing in their tournament and let's hope they can bring some success back with them.

Next week is the long trip up to Oulu for HRC 1st XV, always a good game of 'three' halves.

You can see more pictures of yesterday's game on our website:


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Justin2007-08-21 13:36:32
Go Warriors!

Matt2008-04-07 09:29:04
just for the record, it was the warriors number 14 who put in the winning try in this one, i think his name is something like..... oh its me!!!!! Matt.

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