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A Love Poem A Love Poem
by David Sparenberg
2021-12-11 08:55:07
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What if a person comes up
comes right up before another person
and says nothing
not a word, not a single word
certainly not the last word
seeks nothing, not craving
recognition, not needing
to impress, to make a point
score a point, to win
and certainly not a final point
certainly not a point of no return, triumph, domination
lopoe000001_400not to have done for,
not to go for, no
not to get from and not to take
not to bow down before or to sacrifice at
or even to gain favor from
even if only asking a small, almost
painless favor no
but merely a presence in the presence
of a person’s otherness
breathing certainly
having heartbeat certainly
eye movements of course
quick or delicate, but
silent, breathing yet wordless, right
here and now in
the real context
of space and time, time
and space, how
might the silence feel
how would the silence
sound in a mere twinkling
in heart rhythms, say
with folded hands, composure, or open palms
and with naked feet – with smile
smile within the light aura of smiling
no posing, no, no faking, nothing
clever, unnatural, and nothing untrue…

swirled morning mist
and slow walking
a drop of dew
a dew-bead, rain
drop, a first drop of September rain
first snowflake alighting on winter
grass, first rose, rose-blush
kiss, pink-red and early green
topping a crown of
soft spring thorns.

How on Earth
could this happen
what on Earth
could make this wordless poem
possible, how could the event
occur reaching down, touching
tenderly, awakening awareness
unafraid, bringing life
out unashamed, as shadowless
as wordless, trusting and trusted
with nothing said
not a word, not a single blessed word
worried to be spoken - only
a silent presence in the
presence of another person’s silence
in that hush, this glow – What
after all the tussle and distress
after all the furrowed brows
the breakings off, confusions, insecurities, stammering
is love—Love!
What is love?
What is silence?
Show me….

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