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Advice after reviewing resumes Advice after reviewing resumes
by Joseph Gatt
2021-11-21 09:46:09
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Advice after reviewing 1,000+ resumes, in no particular order.

-Messy resumes (almost) always head straight to the trash bin. Unless you're on the team that designed a NASA spaceship, you want your resume to be clean.

What do I mean by messy resumes? Spelling mistakes, inconsistent alignments and fonts, information all bundled up, wording and paragraphs not consistent. In sum, the resume does not look pretty.

So if you want a tip: go online, look for sample resumes, look for the pretty ones, and emulate the style. That will give you more chances to get a job.

jobint0001_400-Extravagant claims also (almost) always lead your resume to head to the trash bin. The trend these days is for K-pop fans to claim that they “speak Korean.” Or for people to claim to speak dozens of languages.

Or they claim to have received an “award” when all it is was a “certificate of participation.” That's like bowing out of the first round at the Olympics and claiming to be a medalist.

Or they just make strange claims about the past jobs they held.

So keep it simple, keep it real. If you speak Korean, where did you learn it, and how far can you get in Korean. If it's a certificate of participation, state that clearly.

-New trend: simply including links to social media, rather than writing classical resumes. Quite a few young men and women do that.

I'm all for it. I'd love it if that were up to me. But some recruiters are older than me, and they don't like it when instead of an MS Word or PDF file they get links to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Wordpress.

Some old school folks think that's a “violation of privacy” while others just aren't comfortable with applicants sending them links to social media accounts, because to them that's too casual.

So as for now, I'd advice against sending a blank resume with nothing but links to social media. Keep sending the good old MS Word file.

-”Overqualified” and “underqualified.”

You need to know that at many, many companies, employees who get attention for their skills and talent tend to be frowned upon, because those companies don't give any employee any attention. So if you have extraordinary skills, people at that company are either going to get on top of you and screw you over or just plain ignore you.

At other companies, the opposite is true. Everyone who works for said company has a bag full of trophies. And if you ain't got no trophies, you're gonna feel pretty lonely.

So before applying for a job, you need to check whether you're underqualified or overqualified.

-How do you make sure you get hired, and get lots of attention from recruiters?

In most cases, according to my informal study, all it takes is ONE outstanding achievement. Not a series of boring achievements. ONE thing you did that is out of the ordinary. That will keep your phone line busy with recruiters trying to hire you.

So you could get hired because you have an amazing award. Or because you went to a prestigious school and did well in there. Or because you did great things at a famous company. Or you have skills out of the ordinary. Or you have lots of publications. Or you broke a record that's in the Guinness Book of records. Or you got elected to some prestigious position, like at a nationwide or statewide organization.

Usually that impressive thing is going to stick out of your resume, and the rest will be “just details” to your recruiters.

So focus on highlighting that huge point, but don't neglect the rest.

Good luck applying for jobs!

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