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The Devolution of Evolution The Devolution of Evolution
by Bohdan Yuri
2021-11-13 09:22:16
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On October 24, 2021 the average weekly deaths from covid-19 in the United States was 1509 with a total number of deaths at 736,112. Recently the cases have been decreasing after a late summer surge; but with the winter enclosures ahead the cases will surely rise. All the more reason to get vaccinated.

dev0001_400_01Fortunately, this winter the world will have a vaccine available to fight the virus. Unfortunately, while many are getting vaccinated there is still a great minority who will refuse to get vaccinated. Their reasons vary:

“Nobody, especially the Government is gonna tell me what to put in my arm or not!"

The government didn’t think they would have to mandate, they assumed that you would welcome the free vaccine to protect you from the pandemic.

“Who knows what the serums actually contain?'

It contains a vaccine that may prevent your death from covid-19.

"What about all those other things…?"

There’s only this one thing: it's safe, it works, it saves lives.

If that logic isn't enough then I'd say, "Fine, you win --- Don't Get Vaccinated!"

In this nuanced age of social media distractions we may be spending too much time trying to convince the non-vaxers to get vaccinated.

Tik Tok around the clock of Facebook and the likes and you’ll find a multitude of reasons for not wanting to get vaccinated. Only a few, such as allergic reactions or legitimate religious aspects are applicable reasons but for the most part all other reasons are based on one simple voice for  the cause of nothing more than Stubbornness --- "Freedom!"

And the right wing media having lost its voice of reason is hijacking the battle cry of "Freedom" for any politically moral and physical victory. They have turned this government into an enemy of the  people.

So it makes sense. Don't force anyone to take the vaccine and leave it at that. If they don't want their children to get vaccinated, fine there too; but make sure they sign a waiver that might be held against them in the future should the children die. Once done….conflict resolved --- Walk Away from the issue!

Most of the people vaccinated will not die if they are exposed to covid-19. Most of those unvaccinated will die if exposed to covid-19 --- Simple Truth.

And we should be okay with that. Let's allow nature to take its course.

In 1859, Charles Darwin published his famous thesis, "On the Origin of Species". It described how organisms evolve over generations through the inheritance of physical or behavioral traits.

At the time it shocked Britain's religious establishment, conflicting with their mystical beliefs about divine creation. However, in time science proved the theory to have merit. And the conflict of beliefs faded into the background of dual acceptances.

And yet while its theory of evolution is accepted by virtually all scientists today, that logical theory is still rejected by a number of people, including Americans.

Despite the proofs of science and statistical data there will forever be doubters about anything. Should anyone still believe that the earth is flat, some still do. In most such cases education may cure that disability without any injection. But what happens when education is unable to penetrate the wall of Stubbornness. What happens when logic is set aside as if it had an on/off switch?

Such is the case of the anti-mask and anti-vaxers. Logic says: wear masks, get vaccinated. They refuse and shout the battle cry of Freedom to Choose.

Poor souls, nobody had asked them when they were children if they'd wanted those vaccines back then, just to be able to get into school. Finally a chance to rebel about that? And what about having deprived their own kids of that choice when they were mandated vaccines for smallpox, measles, whooping cough and so on just to attend school --- Rather hypocritical I would think, to not have given your children that Freedom of Choice?

Yes, the anti-vaxers choose to defy logic for whatever reason. So be it.

Let's just leave them alone and let Darwin's Theory of Evolution "Devolutionalize" them and their ilk.

And yet, without doubt those anti-vaxers that will survive any bout of covid-19, they will gladly be welcomed back into the Family of Man if for nothing more than for their physical traits which carried them into the next generation successfully. And so it goes.

No, our approach to this quagmire of sinking expectations does need to change. Look around at the violence that most School Board and Town Hall Meetings have turned into: parents fighting with parents, teachers, free for alls over masks and vaccines.

I also propose this new approach to the whole vaccine mandates at the workplace. Except...

As long as Disney requires its employees to be vaccinated the government employees should not be treated any differently with their mandates. It is their Freedom of Choice to comply. Even at the prospect of losing their jobs. Will DeSantos ask Disney to change?

If Disney can get away with mandating its workers to get vaccinated or lose their jobs in the face of Florida Gov. DeSantos’ directive then local governments should also be allowed to mandate such vaccines without consequences. Firefighters and Government workers should not be treated with favoritism. (And quite honestly, they are on the front lines of the pandemic and they still see no benefit in getting vaccinated --- logic?)

As for any resistance to that work mandate: Take the case to the Supreme Court, that's where it belongs. Otherwise Disney should also not have the right to deny employment to unvaccinated applicants. And we'll just keep sinking deeper and deeper…..until we just let it go.

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