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Palimpsest Palimpsest
by Jan Sand
2021-11-11 10:38:15
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I am inscribed each morning with the bright Sun, blue skies,
The cheerful twitter of the birds captured in green tapestries of leaves.
The draperies of prospects out of coffee, plans to be fulfilled
Array my energies that flash with expectant sparkles, eagernesses
To begin the weave of time and place with necessities and delights
To be alive in competencies, while dream memories dissolve
In sips of hot coffee, in the smooth yellow of fried eggs on toast.
Yesterday is still clear but fading amongst the faint marks and odd darkenings.
It can be seen as a tattered spattered slightly yellowed sheet of paper
Shivering in the breeze and momentarily caught between a rusty dented tin can
And one half of an old shoe. What, at first, seemed just a smudge takes the shape
Of the profile of a very pretty girl and, quite near, a bit of study can make out
The pattern of a flower. Imagination does strange things and staring brings clear
An antique city street with ornate lamp posts against the spire of a church.
No matter. A heavy gust frees the scrap and quickly it sails away
To chase the seagulls into the clouds.



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