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Joe Biden's Top 5 Biggest  Blunders So Far Joe Biden's Top 5 Biggest Blunders So Far
by Bohdan Yuri
2021-11-01 09:00:38
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There were others that may seem more important but these are at the core and spread from the obvious to the not so obvious.

So, let's start with the most obvious..

#5.  Bagram and Afghanistan, another evacuation mess:

bid00001_400_01From day one, when the Biden Administration agreed to honor Trump's Agreement with the Taliban, the Military and State Department should have begun the process of planning and implementing the shutdown of Afghanistan.

Instead, months later a fiasco sent doubt about the new administration's ability to lead. No matter how it was portrayed as a logistical accomplishment the Truth could not be sugarcoated…..there were American soldier deaths. The ratings began their slide.

 Any logical thinking person would've easily comprehended the need to have kept the Bagram Base open until the last person is evacuated…from Bagram. I might add that throughout, a corridor to that Base should have allowed all those, who had helped and were in danger, to be airlifted to safety.

#4.  Russia --- Yes, Russia, a blunder in the making….perhaps not so obvious:

Red lines in Syria were crossed and Putin now controls Syria.

Lines that should have been drawn in Ukraine, never were, and Libya is among the many other African countries with shifting lines presently being infiltrated militarily by Russia.

And there is yet another blunder in progress that will resurface with even greater concern in the coming months. Biden was part of an administration that had allowed Putin to gain footholds in Ukraine, Syria and wherever his Wagner mercenaries set foot, (currently Africa is being divided with China).

While not in charge back then, Biden now is helping Russia to control the energy sectors of Europe and Asia.

Six months from now, with Biden and Merkel's approval and near completion of the Nord 2 Pipeline, what do you think will be the major issue this winter…Energy. Biden has made it easier for Putin not harder, to control the flow of gas into Europe, even lifting certain Russians' sanctions.

And here too, I would venture into assuming that much of the ongoing turmoil in this county is still being fueled, funded, and distributed by Russia to destroy the integrity of this country. Let Russia thrive with power and it will be at our expense.

Just compare the takeover process in Ukraine to this country. They both peaked with "citizens", stoked by agents, storming government buildings --- Typical Russian playbook strategy. And the lies, “…lie often enough and they will believe it.”

This is truly a planned Russian takeover, think back at the many connections with Russians in the Trump administration, favoring them. That hangover residue still plays in our system with some Trump Republican lawmakers  --- more useful idiots.

Just like before, the next years are being played out by the Republicans according to the Russian playbook. They don't need to hack computer sites that much anymore, the seeds are already planted and flourishing.

Remember, Trump had a few private, secret one on one meetings with Putin…..I can't imagine him not asking, "…How can I get what you have?"

Putin's probable reply, " Donald my most favorite American President, allow me to show you the way. It may take time but have patience and we will succeed."

Russia, Russia, Russia….who still believes it?

#3.   Merritt Garland appointment...Good Supreme Court Justice, Lousy Attorney General (so far):

In the Supreme Court's prescribed time-set and queue Garland would have had time in which to ponder decisions. However as Attorney General, (after Trump) …the release of new documents is a good step but more important is the need to speed up the whole process. Crimes mired in Forever Appeals Land get lost and serve only injustice.

Therefore there exists the need to also speed up the total legal process in the case of Trump and his supporters. Fast track certain crimes….especially those against the United States.

Garland and Biden should have actively pushed for the Department of Justice to aggressively pursue the insurrection investigation as well the Trump criminal charges, there are connections. This was a president who through his actions may have dealt with treasonous ventures.

Any and ALL such criminal investigation should also be fast tracked into fruition in conjunction with the insurrection charges, with separately appointed judges and prosecutors that can render verdicts without much delay. This should also have been implemented from day one.  Justice under the Democrats is a snail’s journey into oblivion while the snakes slither into each new crime sideways right under everyone's noses. Time to take notice and perform.

The insurrection is a crime against the United States of America --- a crime and punishment that should not be disconnected.

#2.   Democrat Party Grid lock…the Land of Absurdity:

But the blame does not lie solely with Joe Biden and his advisors. No, the spine of a Democrat Party runs from top to bottom.

And so far:

Nancy Pelosi is the Majority Speaker of the House but she has not led.

Chuck Schumer is the Majority Leader of the Senate but he has not led.

Joe Biden is the President of the Majority Party but he has not acted like one. …he is not leading.

I wonder if someone like Lyndon B. Johnson or others of his ilk would've found a way to control their own party. The Manchin and Sinema Show is holding everything up. Coddling them makes the Democrats look weak --- tell them to step in line or step out of the Party if they're so anxious to help the other side.

I know what the Republicans would do…..they'd primary that candidate. They'd censure them. They'd do anything they could think of to make them regret it. Just look at Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger…pariahs. That's not a preferred choice for Democrats to take but what are Joe's options?

There was a report that Manchin was thinking about retiring early (Why wait -- today?)…maybe offer a Cabinet Post, anything but don't let Manchin be in control. ….Find a way to get him out and replaced with an ally, same with Kyrsten Sinema if she can't be convinced to help your Party move forward.

If necessary, let them feel the wrath of the Party Leaders…..even if it means campaign ads in West Virginia, telling voters that Joe doesn't want to spend money to help West Virginians recover. The Truth is sacred, use it always

#1.  The Filibuster --- The Biggest Blunder of Them All

Simply put --- If Mitch were in Biden's place he would have gotten rid of the filibuster on day one, and if necessary he'd reinstated it if his side was losing the following election. Just look at how quick he was to "give-in" when the threat appeared for filibuster reform. The power that it holds!

So he faked a gift and simply tossed the time bomb down the road of delay, delay, everyday delay..... But it did expose McConnell's own fear --- there for Biden to use unless his fear is greater.

Mitch knows how to use power as a majority or minority leader. Without that kind of power Biden will be forced to nickel and dime each project, and always against all odds.

Biden needs to form his own agenda knowing that he can have bills passed. Let the Republicans feel the burn for a change. Mitch, Manchin and the Minions are still setting the agenda, Biden needs to demand allegiance and establish control.

The Republicans are already trying to steal the next election and there is no honor among thieves; and all the while, the Democrats can't even pass a bill protecting voter rights.

There is also no respect for the Constitution from the Republican side; it's presently used as a hollow battle cry by those who are destroying it. Their Lust for Power allows them to use anything and everything. So, play the game as they would and are --- with a stiffer spine yet, unlike them, always through a moral virtue of Truth.

So far Trump and McConnell along with their Minions are beating Biden and the Democrats with their Disgust for Democracy.

We seem to have forgotten:

It should all be about the United States of America and its well being, its citizens and its honor --- Let's Preserve its Integrity.

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