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iBite snappy... Oct21 iBite snappy... Oct21
by Theodore K. Nasos
2021-10-26 07:25:32
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The Turkish economy, a COVID19 business relief stupidity and Ron DeSantis and more noticeable caustic iBites from the news.

Turkish lira hits record low after Erdogan seeks ambassadors’ expulsions.
However, Erdogan has long expulse democracy, human rights, justice and equality from Turkey and the only salvation for Turkey might be Erdogan’s expulsion.

ib00001_400A Georgia man has been federally charged with wire fraud after spending most of his COVID-19 business relief loan that he had lied about on a single Pokémon card worth $57,789.
There is definitely no relief any where in this world for stupidity.

The Florida governor plans to offer $5,000 bonuses to police from other states who refuse to be vaccinated so they can interact with his constituents.
No mention for cops with suicide tendencies? There are so many wrongs with Gov. Ron DeSantis; actually as many there are with Donald Trump.

Nancy Pelosi dodged question on whether she will run for Speaker again if Democrats keep the House in 2022.
She’s probably waiting to see if Donald will run for president again.

Sudan’s Military Detains Prime Minister in Apparent Coup.
There is no end for this country’s misfortunes.

Saudi Prince MBS talked of using poison ring from Russia to kill king, dissident says.
And talking about misfortunes, here is a man misfortune for all humanity. A sociopath killer ruling one of the most powerful countries.

Miss France candidates sue pageant for choosing ‘most attractive’ winner…
So, if I understood well, attractive is not beauty but beauty is attractive.

Ukraine's black market in COVID vaccine certificates.
The only Ukrainian export that specifically applies to GOP voters.

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