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A song of new wineskins A song of new wineskins
by Osy Mizpah Unuevho
2021-10-22 06:57:44
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          my daughter speaks of the hunger in all of us; calls it a
postmark of noise in the place where i burn old things
expected to pass away—

          welcome, the ash to
ash; & wine-cause for this body to peel—
echo to echo, of blood courses— until
the seed is no more

a yoke of flesh
          begging for lamb blood. every word
          between each layer becomes a travel to
          the first place of our light, of encounter,

of prayer, washing the feet of others before mine—
my child as a vision asking me to come up higher

         screaming until we know quiet again
         with ancient tongues

in my mouth, there was this covert exercise of
         oil & flame,

    wine-press with red flowers,

changing local geography of the body electric

        how i sounded as eagle in my heart—
        root of groaning
        taking seed & water-wine miracles—
        was not borne of the heaviness of grief

the contradictions of each letter released for
collateral beauty.



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